Is It Tacky To Have A Honeymoon Fund? (Seven Factors)

A wedding is a costly affair, and after the event, you will need to top it all off with a honeymoon to a unique destination for both of you.

To achieve this, you might need to have a honeymoon fund to ensure that you can get to the places you have been dreaming about.

Is It Reasonable To Have A Honeymoon Fund?

Well, it is not wrong to have a fund where your friends and family will contribute towards your honeymoon. It allows them to contribute to the wedding and they will also have a chance to be part of the celebration.

Let your friends and those closest to you show their support in the form of the honeymoon fund. It will surprise you the amounts that your friends are willing to contribute to your honeymoon.

Besides, the honeymoon is a special event, where the guests will retreat off to after the wedding.

Whenever you contribute towards making the event as memorable and unique as possible for them, you will be part of making their wedding more enjoyable and successful.

Seven Honeymoon Fund Considerations

It is essential to have adequate preparations for the honeymoon funds. Following are some of the factors you should have in mind whenever you prepare a fund for your honeymoon.

1. Money instead of Gifts

Instead of your guests bringing gifts to the wedding, you can ask them to contribute towards your honeymoon fund.

These contributions will be pretty interesting for your guests, and you have to give them plenty of payment options.

When they have various options for making the payments, it will be more convenient for them to contribute towards the fund.

Instead of buying gifts, your guests will be able to contribute to your honeymoon.

Usually, this means that the contribution amounts will be much higher, which means you will have enough for your honeymoon.

There are many ways that they can make contributions to your honeymoon.

Some of the guests might have airline miles, and these can be contributed towards giving you enough miles for your flight.

The donations will be significant for your honeymoon, and your guests, friends, and families will have had an opportunity to make an impact on your wedding.

2. Money is More Convenient for your Guests

Gifts might seem heavy and bulky to carry, and most of your guests will prefer the second alternative of bringing money instead.

It is more convenient for them and will ensure that you can get as many contributions to your honeymoon fund as possible.

Be accommodating about the gifts and receive them with open arms.

Even when someone has brought a gift, it does not mean that they cannot contribute towards the honeymoon fund.

This means that you should have information about the methods of payment that they can use to make their monetary contribution.

However, this should be optional for the guests that have brought a physical gift.

3. Make it Comfortable for your Guests

Some of the guests will want to remain anonymous even when making contributions towards your honeymoon fund.

Whenever you want them to make donations without getting their identities revealed, you can have a place to donate at the reception.

This will be pretty convenient for the guests, and they will be able to make their contribution the moment they arrive at the wedding venue.

They will also be able to provide donations at the open bar.

A massive jar for tips at the bar with the appropriate label will ensure that everyone interested in donating to your fund has the chance to do so.

It would help if you made all the means of payment open and welcome at the event to ensure that guests who prefer to make online payments can do so conveniently.

This is one of the factors that will make the wedding more memorable and enjoyable for all your guests.

Your guests should also have enough information to use when making the contributions, and distributing the account details and payment options at the wedding before the event’s start should be enough to get them started.

4. Avail Payment Information More Readily

You can also have some of the attendants provide this information to the guests who need it whenever they want to make a payment.

This will ensure that your guests can make easy payments, and throughout the wedding, they can contribute to your honeymoon.

You can even go ahead and provide envelopes for your guests with custom messages on the cover to ensure that you can get the best contributions from your guests.

The use of envelopes makes it a formal means of making contributions, and your honeymoon fund will be able to get the highest amount of money in this way.

5. Be Ready for Noncooperation

Be ready for non-cooperation. Not all guests will be on the same page as you concerning the fund. Some guests will still insist on bringing you a gift.

Do not worry about this as it is still a good gesture from your guests, and the fact that they have brought physical skills does not mean that your fund will not have people to contribute.

6. Accept Physical Gifts Anyway

There are those guests who will prefer contributing instead of bringing a physical gift to your wedding.

The people who choose to get gifts should be welcome with open arms and appreciate their contributions.

They have made an effort to bring these gifts, and you will have something to remember the wedding with even after the honeymoon.

However, you can explicitly state that you want money contributions instead of gifts and make this announcement to your guests well in advance.

This will keep them adequately informed and give them adequate time to prepare and get their contributions ready before the wedding date. Presents are not always the biggest priority, but they are always welcome since they show appreciation from the guests.

7. More Payment Alternatives

There are more ways to contribute towards the honeymoon than just money.

Even with the gifts, there are other contributions such as tickets to exciting places, meals, and hotel rooms that the guests can arrange.

The guests will be ready and willing to make arrangements for the destinations you will be going to, and they can even call in favors to ensure that you have the most memorable honeymoon.

Leave it to them to see what they can do about your honeymoon, and you will be surprised at the contributions that they can make.

Some of them have friends in the places you will be touring, and they will be sure to introduce you to get the best experience when you arrive at the destination.

They will also contribute in terms of points you can redeem for various expenses at the honeymoon.


A honeymoon is an essential part of the wedding arrangements.

However, it is costly, and whenever you have enough funding for the event, you can easily make great memories that you will be able to enjoy together.

A honeymoon fund is designed to get you the best experience for your honeymoon and allows your guests to contribute towards making your post-wedding memories more enjoyable.

Your guests will contribute to making the honeymoon the best.