Are Drink Tickets At A Wedding Reception Tacky? (Five Considerations, Three Benefits)

For a wedding, drink tickets play an essential role.

Even though there are several benefits and downsides, they are still important since they ensure a smooth and successful party.

Can It Be Considered Tacky To Have Drink Tickets At A Wedding Reception?

Not at all. It is important to preserve order in your wedding and since you set the rules, the house is yours. Drink tickets will keep things in check and all attendees under control.

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Five Factors to Consider for Drink Tickets

Whenever you are planning to have drink tickets at your wedding, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind.

For instance:-

  1. Will you provide your guests with drink tickets?
  2. How many tickets will each guest be entitled to receive at the wedding?
  3. How will the guests obtain their drink tickets?
  4. Is there the option to have a cash bar after the tickets have been used up?
  5. Your caterer should always be informed and updated about the fact that you will be using drink tickets at the wedding party. This will make them better prepared to serve your guests and not exceed the set number of drinks that have been specified for each guest.

Three Benefits of Drink Tickets

One of the main benefits of the drink tickets is getting a financial commitment. Each person will only have to pay a certain amount they cannot exceed.

As such, they will be able to pay a smaller amount, and they will always be under control in the sense that they will not exceed the number of drinks recommended for each of your guests.

1. More Control

You are also able to limit the consumption of alcohol at your wedding. This might rub off people in the wrong way, but it is still crucial for you as you are hosting the event.

As the host, you will need to have disciplined and easy to control quests.

This way, you will not have any problem with them, and you will be able to regulate their behavior.

No one will get too drunk to lose control of themselves and start behaving wildly at the wedding event.

When everyone is in control of their behavior, you will be able to wake on the following day without any feelings of embarrassment.

It is important to save face, especially at important events such as weddings.

Whenever you have the use of drink tickets to keep your guests in check, you will be able to keep the respect of everyone intact.

The wedding will have been an enormous success when you can wake up without any resentment to other guests.

No one will be caught for DUI when you use drink tickets.

When you have regulated the number of drinks that every guest can drink at the wedding, you will allow them to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities.

2. Provide Alternative Transport to your Guests

You can also provide alternative means of transport for your guests to ensure that they do not drive under the influence.

The use of drink tickets will also keep their drinking habits in check, and they will be able to control how much they drink at the event.

This way, they will be fully aware of their actions when they go home.

As such, they will be able to call for a cab or use public transport owing to their intoxicated nature.

3. Budgetary Benefits of Drink Tickets

Your costs will also be under check when you host drink tickets at the wedding.

You will not have to stock up on more drinks than is necessary, and as such, your costs will have been reduced.

Having a limit to the number of drinks that can be drunk by each guest also means that you will reduce your overall costs.

Additionally, the cost of hosting and organizing the wedding will be reduced when you have considered the number of drinks that you need in advance.

You will not be required to spend more than you would like to on the drinks, and everything will be under control at the event.

Three Essential Factors for Using Drink Tickets Effectively

The tickets should have a uniform color to ensure that the caterers can manage the guests.

The tickets should also be marked for each drink served to ensure that guests who have reached their limit are not served any more drinks.

One of the staff members of your bar should be responsible for marking the drink tickets to make things more streamlined and organized for everyone. With this in place, you will also keep your event lively and more in check.

1. Special Guests and Other Exceptions

Special guests should get special drink tickets.

The guests that are expected to spend their time after the wedding at a hotel, for instance, can get more drinks than the rest of the guests.

These are not expected to be traveling anytime soon, and as such, they cannot get into any trouble with the authorities for drunk driving.

The use of special tickets also means that you will recognize the people who have made the entire event a success.

2. When To Distribute The Drink Tickets

At the start of the party is the best time to pass the drink tickets around.

You can have a registration table where each guest will be getting their tickets.

You can also use this opportunity to distribute their name tags and other helpful information.

You should also avoid passing out the drink tickets before the event itself.

The people are very likely to lose their tickets before getting to the event itself.

Giving them the tickets while at the event also ensures that only the guests in attendance get the tickets.

In short, you should always have the tickets prepared and ready at the event venue before the party starts.

When you do this, you will ensure that your guests have the tickets as they enter the event, contributing to the start of a fantastic evening of partying and merrymaking for all your guests.

Getting your guests their tickets at the event’s start also ensures that you lay down the protocol required to get your guests well-behaved and organized adequately throughout the event.

3. Drink Tickets For Proper Etiquette

Etiquette is essential for any event, and whenever you are holding an event such as a wedding, having drink tickets will ensure that your guests have a limit on the number of drinks they can have at the event.

This is important for keeping everyone in check and ensuring that all the guests can get drinks.

In addition, having drink tickets at your wedding ensures that you do not buy excess drinks, and your budget will always be under control.

These tickets are essential for weddings and one of the most important preparations you can make for your wedding.

Prepare these tickets in advance and ensure that you have budgeted adequately for the drinks that can be served using these tickets. This way, everyone gets their recommended serving of drinks and no one drinks over the limit you have in place.


Drink tickets are essential for weddings.

Even when people are not comfortable or happy with them, they are the only way to regulate the number of drinks that people can have at the event.

As such, people will not drink more drinks than necessary, and you will be able to have a wedding party that is easier to manage.

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