Should You Wear Your Nose Ring at Your Wedding? 

From ear piercings, body piercings and facial piercings, all have been embraced by modern individuals.

But, when it comes to your wedding today, you may be confused about which ones to wear.

Keep reading to learn whether brides can wear a nose ring.

So, Should You Wear Your Nose Ring at Your Wedding?

Yes, if you are comfortable wearing it. Remember that nose rings are more than just pieces of jewelry. In fact, some cultures, like India, encourage brides to have nose rings when they are getting married. Besides adding beauty and having a deeper meaning, you should keep your nose ring on simply because if you take it out, it will look like you have a mole or freckle on your face.

But, it would be best to consider which wedding style you prefer. You can wear your nose ring if your wedding is traditional or boho.

But some people may not be comfortable if it is a religious wedding.

All in all, the stud can complement your other pieces of jewelry and make you look stunning. Plus, it can be photoshopped if you don’t want a piercing in the photos.

Where Did Nose Rings Originate from?

Nose piercings have been around for many years.

They were first spotted in the middle east in the 16th century by the Mogul emperors.

When travelling from India to other south Asian countries, the emperors would spread this practice there.

Since they were introduced to Indian culture, they have been widely accepted among Indian women and girls.

Many jewelry styles link them to ear piercings or hair jewelry.

There are specific practices Indian women and girls use these rings for.

For instance, the piercing is worn on the left nostril in Northern India, while in Southern India, they wear the stud on the right nostril to make childbirth easier.

All in all, these piercings have become so popular these days in both men and women.

While many people wear them for beauty, some use them for their incredible meaning.

What’s the Meaning of Nose Rings?

Whether you are a culturist or not, knowing the meaning behind wearing a piece of jewelry is crucial before you start wearing it. Here are the different meanings of these rings:

1. Prosperity

Nose rings are used in some parts of North Africa to indicate a person’s wealth and prosperity.

It is believed that large nose rings signified a person is wealthy.

And so, a Berber man would gift his bride his nose ring as a symbol of status, wealth, and the ability to take care of her.

2. Marriage

Hindus wear these piercings on their wedding day.

It is referred to as a Nath and can be worn on the left or right side, depending on where the bride comes from.

When worn this way, it shows that a woman is married.

Most women will wear nose studs for life like they wear their wedding rings to represent their marital status.

Besides that, it is believed to enhance a woman’s beauty informant of her husband.

3. Fertility

Indians associate the left nostril with female reproductive organs.

As a result, they pierce the left nostril to reduce menstrual cramps and pain with childbirth and make them look more attractive sexually.

Wearing a nose ring is also said to enhance sexual and romantic feelings.

4. Counterculture

Western countries associate the wearing of nose rings with counterculture rebellion. They are used to express style, personality and individuality.

These rings are primarily associated with goth, hippie and punk movements that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

These days, nose rings have become common in men and women worldwide, although many people don’t associate them with any meaning and would wear them to enhance their appearance.

But, to avoid cultural appropriation, it’s best to avoid certain nose ring styles like the Nath.

Tips for Brides to Wear a Nose Ring WITHOUT Piercing

Sometimes you may fancy the idea of a nose ring but don’t want to pierce your nose.

In that case, you can consider fake studs. Buy them at least a month before your wedding and try to wear them as much as possible.

That way, you will get used to it before your wedding, and you won’t feel uncomfortable during your big day.

When choosing a nose ring for this purpose, opt for a lightweight one.

You may consider those attached to a chain, but that is not mandatory. Also, avoid pressing the ring many times on your nose to keep it in place and remember to remove it when you want to eat.

Tips for Brides WITH A Piercing

If you have a piercing, it is way easier since the ring will stay in place. But make sure it is not thicker than your piercing.

It is best to try the ring before the event. However, if you already have one you are used to wearing, that will be the best choice.

Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Brides

Jewelry is an integral part of your wedding accessory.

While some, like nose rings, are optional, others are important to have.

These include a neckpiece and a set of earrings. Some people will also add a bracelet, but that depends on whether you are comfortable.

When choosing your jewelry, think about your dress’s neckline.

Remembering how your gown is designed at the neck will help frame your face. So, ensure that you choose jewelry that matches the design.

Additionally, remember to match your metals.

You can pick platinum or silver pieces if you have a white gown. On the other hand, gold jewelry is suitable for ivory gowns and champagne dresses. You can opt for rose gold pieces if you have a bluish gown.

It’s also wise to be careful not to overdo it.

You may be tempted to load up various accessories. However, chances are they will outshine you.

It’s best to just stick with a few pieces instead of accessorizing every part of your body.

You don’t need accessories from head to toe. Two to three different types are enough to make you look stunning.

Final Thoughts

You can wear your nose ring to your wedding if you are comfortable.

However, the type of wedding will influence this decision.

All the same, some people decide to keep their nose rings regardless of their wedding styles.