Is It Weird to Retake Wedding Photos with A Different Photographer?

After the wedding, the photographer takes time to edit your pictures before sending them to you.

This period can seem like a long wait. You may start anticipating all the things you could do with them.

But imagine, after all this wait, you end up disliking the photos. What do you do then?

So, Is It Weird to Retake Wedding Photos with A Different Photographer?

Answer: No. Not at all. If you don’t like the original photos your photographer took, you can always have a session with a different photographer. Sure, the sensation with the second shoot will not be the same as with the first, and there may be extra expenses. But, it is worth giving another chance with a different photographer.

You could opt for a different setting and style or return to where your wedding originally happened. You can do all the poses you were hoping for without any time constraints. Plus, it is a chance to dress up again and feel special. Who wouldn’t love that?

Four Benefits of Retaking Your Wedding Photos

1. You Can Get Better Pictures

If you didn’t love the picture quality from your first photographer, retaking them is a great chance to get a fresh and new perspective.

Sometimes because of a low budget, you may hire a student or a family member to take your pictures.

But due to lack of experience, the photos may not meet your standards.

In that case, a wedding reshoot lets you take some shots with a professional wedding photographer trained for this job.

2. You Can Change The Wedding Look

Many couples and the bridal party love how they look during the wedding.

However, it is not all of them. You can always retake the pictures if you were not confident with how you looked during the wedding.

Besides the clothing, you may not have loved the hair, makeup, or overall poses during that day. If so, consider a second shoot.

This is a chance for you to make the changes needed and feel more confident about the pictures.

3. You Can Take Pictures With Someone Who Missed The Wedding

Do you have a VIP that didn’t attend the wedding?

A second shoot is a chance to ensure you have pictures with them. It could be your sick grandma, deployed parent, or best friend who lives far away.

Retaking the photos allows you to include them in the pictures.

4. A Change Of Scenery

The background and setting influence the quality of pictures.

However, not everyone chooses the right spots for their wedding pictures, especially when not working with a professional photographer.

If you disliked the backgrounds in the first pictures, consider a second shoot with a different venue. You can even choose multiple locations without worrying that your guests will complain.

Two Drawbacks of Retaking Wedding Pictures

1. Different Atmosphere

For instance, the sentiments may not be the same.

One is you won’t have your guests around. Even if you decide to tag some of them, it won’t feel the same as your wedding day.

That can be a bit challenging if you’d like to retake the photos with your bridal party.

2. Additional Expenses

Another drawback is that you will spend extra.

If you hired a photographer for the first shots and weren’t satisfied, you’ll have to spend on your second photographer.

S/he won’t offer their services for free, but they won’t be as costly as the first.

What Else Can You Do If You Hate Your Wedding Pictures?

Retaking is certainly an option, but it may not work for everyone. If that is the case, you should explore your other options. Here are some suggestions:

1. Keep Perspective

Every bride wants to be left in awe after taking the first look at their wedding pictures.

But if you are unsatisfied with the first glance, consider evaluating your perspective. It could be that you are over-criticizing the photos or your look.

Maybe you didn’t like how your hair came out. Or you regret your choice of dress.

Sadly, there is nothing you can do now if this is the case. But you can look at the photos from a different angle.

Make sure you’re not comparing your photos with someone else’s, and you are in a good mood before you convince yourself that the pictures are bad. In short, be as open-minded as possible when looking through the photos.

2. Check Your Contract With The Photographer

Many people don’t read the contract before signing.

As such, they miss out on many benefits that the service provider offers. Read about printing, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Well, most times, you won’t find anything enticing. But usually, customers can complain about professionalism and editing.

Talk to your photographer about the issues you have. It could be something they can easily fix with some editing.

3. Play With The Photos Yourself

Don’t give up on the pictures just yet. Even though you aren’t a pro editor, you can twitch certain things to have better images.

For instance, if it is an issue with bad lighting or discoloration, consider changing the picture to black and white and see if the quality improves.

Then, you can download editing apps to play around with precision, clarity, and background.

4. Request Raw Photos

If you hate the pictures sent, ask the photographer if you can get the raw images that have not been edited.

However, make this request as soon as possible since photographers tend to delete such files several days after the event.

Once you have the pictures, you can look for another person to edit them.

You may be surprised by what a different editing style can do.