Is It Normal to Second Guess and Hate Your Wedding Dress? 

A wedding dress is an integral element of your wedding.

But choosing one comes with many considerations.

So, sometimes, you may have stress and doubts after you’ve bought yours. If you’re worried about your choice, you aren’t alone.

But, Is It Normal to Second Guess and Hate Your Wedding Dress?

Yes. It is normal and common to second guess your wedding dress after buying it. Planning a wedding and being a bride comes with so much pressure.  So, you might fall in love with a dress the minute you see it on a rack and love it even more when you try it on.

However, some moments later, you may start second-guessing and even hate your dress. If that is you, know that you aren’t alone.

But it’s important to understand you chose your dress for a reason. You probably felt confident, beautiful and excited to get married in it.

So, think about why you picked your gown, and maybe you can stop doubting it.

What Should You Do If You’re Second Guessing Your Dress? Six Things

If you are having doubts about your wedding dress, first relax. We know that that is easier said than done, but it is necessary.

Remember that a wedding dress is a big commitment, like a house. So naturally, you may have second thoughts about it.

But before you rush to return it, remind yourself that you didn’t buy it on impulse.

Acknowledge that it was a deliberate decision that you thought through before making it. Maybe then, you will fall in love with it again.

But, if you are genuinely unsatisfied with your purchase, here are steps to follow:

1. Call Your Bridal Salon

Talk to them about the situation nicely and calmly.

But remember that you’ve signed a contract, so you need to explain why you are changing your mind.

The salon will work with you to come to an understanding. They may agree to give your deposit back or exchange the dress with another using store credit.

You may find that they have not yet ordered your size from the manufacturer.

So they can cancel the shipment before it’s late.

If you choose a different dress, try keeping your decision to six months.

That way, you will still have lots of time to exchange again if you are unhappy with the dress or modify it if necessary.

But it is worth mentioning that most boutiques don’t offer exchanges. So once you purchase one, you’ll be locked in.

However, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You never know the outcome if you don’t try.

Maybe the shop owners could empathize with you and try to offer a solution. Therefore, don’t give up yet.

2. Talk to a Tailor

If you are not trying to get a new dress, you can decide to make changes to the one you have. But the alterations need someone experienced to do them.

Find a reputable tailor and take the dress to them. Then tell them what you don’t like and the changes you want.

It may be that your dress doesn’t fit properly, and you’ll realize the big difference when the size is adjusted.

But, even your tailor can suggest the changes they think about and modify it to your liking.

Please don’t forget to ask about the pricing.

Sometimes alterations costs can be more than buying a new dress altogether.

3. Accessorize

Accessories can do wonders for your wedding dress.

Add jewelry, a lace topper, or a flattering belt and see the wonders, especially if you opted for a simple dress.

Also, think of adding a veil.

After all, you won’t get to wear it on any other occasion.

You may not have bought your dream dress, but you can make up for this by buying your dream headpiece.

4. Buy an Additional Dress for the Reception

Buying an additional dress can sound odd, but it can be a lifesaver.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on this dress. You only need something you feel beautiful and confident in.

After the ceremony and photos, you can change into your reception dress and party with it for the remaining time.

5. Consider Renting or Look into Off The Rack Options

If you hate your wedding dress, you’re probably thinking of ways to do damage control.

While you don’t have to empty your account while doing that, there are many options you can look into off the rack or online.

Some shops allow individuals to rent wedding dresses. So you can check out these options and see if there is anything you like.

6. Plan a Vow Renewal

If everything else fails and you have to wear your wedding dress, don’t stress.

Go with your first choice, finish the day and start planning for a vow renewal.

Vow renewals are becoming popular and can be an excellent opportunity to wear a gown you like. 

So, go all out during this day with a new dress and cake, and even get a professional photographer.

Four Ways To Avoid Wedding Dress Regret

1. Research Before You Shop

Look at photos online or in bridal magazines.

Pay attention to the style, materials, and design manufacturers gravitate towards.

You can use Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration for a gown.

2. Set A Realistic Budget

Determining the amount to spend on a wedding gown can take time and effort.

But most dresses range from $500-$4000. The price difference is brought by materials used, customization level and the manufacturing process.

Before making a budget, look at the average costs of the gowns you like and think about what’s in your account.

3. Decide How You Want Your Gown To Be

Your values on your wedding day matter. So, think about what matters in a dress.

Do you want a sustainable gown, an American one or one that you want customized to fit your style and shape?

Deciding on these factors will help you narrow your choices and find something you like.

4. Bring People You Trust With You

Don’t bring too many people as it can ruin your shopping.

Note that everyone will have an opinion. So, ensure that their opinions don’t cloud your inner voice.

Bring people that support you and will make you feel confident in your choice.

Final Thoughts

Second-guessing and hating your wedding dress is normal and understandable.

What’s important is to take a step back and determine why you have those feelings. Then take a step from there.