Can You Put a Wedding Dress on Layaway? (FOUR OPTIONS)

A wedding is generally an expensive affair, even a simple one.

On top of spending on your guests, you also have to spend on yourself to make your big day memorable.

It’s every bride’s dream to wear a unique and beautiful gown. But, what if you can’t afford your wedding dress?

So, Can You Put a Wedding Dress on Layaway?

Yes. If you are unable to pay for the wedding dress out of pocket, putting it on layaway can be a great alternative. That way, whenever you spot a wedding dress you love, you won’t worry about someone else buying it due to lack of finances. Putting it on layaway gives you peace of mind as you will know that the gown will be there when you have the money.

Thankfully, there are many companies offering this program. So you can look into one that has your dress and sign up for it. Then begin saving up on your dream dress.

What Is Good About Layaway Plans?

The best thing about such programs is that they allow you to reserve your wedding dress before somebody else buys it.

Therefore, if your budget is low or you were not planning to buy the dress yet, these programs can be a life saver.

Also, the programs give you some time to purchase your gown. So, you can stretch your budget and get a dress that you love.

How Layaway Works

Although programs are different depending on the company, there are several shared guidelines.

  1. You will first spot the wedding dress you like, then pay a deposit, which is determined by the company.
  2. That money holds the gown for you, so no one else can buy it unless it’s put back on sale.
  3. You then will pay the remaining amount in installments and get the gown once you’ve made all the payments.

Please remember that such programs have some rules that users must abide by.

For instance, customers are given a set period to make the installments and complete their payment.

If this period lapses, the company can change the plans.

Also in most cases, dresses put on layaway do not have discounts, therefore, you may not have any other way to save.

But, the best thing is that such programs allow you to pay in installments, relieving you of some pressure.

Additionally, most companies do not charge interest on these gowns.

Therefore, while you don’t get a discount, you are also not overcharged.

But it is worth noting that you may pay extra for a missed or late payment.

Remember that these companies are in business. So, they depend on the agreed date to get the money to run.

Therefore, when a customer doesn’t keep it, it makes sense that they are fined if they still want the dress.

What Are the Best Layaway Programs for Wedding Dresses?

As earlier said, there are many companies offering layaway programs. These include:

1. David’s Bridal

Their program is suited for people on a budget. You pay a minimum of 75 dollars for the dress you want, and are allowed up to 60 days to complete the remaining amount.

Customers also charged a 10% fee for cancellation or non-payment.

2. Ricca Sposa

The company offers layaway plans between 6-12 months.

Customers pay a minimum down payment of $200 and continue making deposits until they complete their chosen plan.

3. Beyond the Veil Bridal

Like the other programs, you only need to pick your dress, pay a minimum amount and complete the remaining spread between 2-12 equal payments.

4. Strut Bridal Salon

The company offers various options. The first one, users put a down payment of 50% then pay the remaining 50% within 30 days.

The other option is they give a down payment of 20% and complete the remaining balance within 90 days.

Three Non-Layaway Methods Of Paying for Your Wedding Dress

Some people are lucky that their parents started a trust fund and has enough money they can use for this purpose. But that is rarely the case.

1. Save Up For It

This is the best route as you will avoid interest and debt. Plus, many companies offer discounts to customers willing to pay the amount in full.

If you opt for this route, use a money saving app to make work easy.

2. Credit Card

Another option is to pay using your credit card. Because a wedding dress is a big purchase, you can earn significant rewards.

A wedding card purchase can be a smart move if you’re planning to apply for a new rewards card.

And with a good credit card, you can take advantage of 0% introductory APR if your current card insurer offers it. But ensure that you pay all or a large amount as soon as you get the money.

3. Personal Loan

Well, it is not usually advisable to get a loan for your wedding gown. But if you don’t have the finances, you can opt for a personal loan.

Such types come with a low interest rate compared to credit cards and you get a limited timeframe to pay back the amount.

Therefore, you’re not overburdened with revolving wedding debt that will be hard to pay.

But, in all these three options, saving for your wedding dress is usually the smartest move. That way, you won’t end up in debt.

How to Save Hundreds on a Wedding Dress

Although wedding dresses are expensive, there are several ways you can save some money. These include;

1. Wear Your Grandmother’s Or Mom’s Gowns

Why buy a new dress when you can use your mom’s or grandmother’s old dress and save lots of money?

Besides that you will also celebrate your day in something that has sentimental value.

But since there is a chance that the gown may be old fashioned, think of adding something to alter it and make it more modern.

2. Choose A Simple Style

The more complex a wedding dress is the more money you will spend on it. If your budget is limited, it’s best to stick to a simple design.

While delicate dresses are beautiful, they are not suitable for someone with a tight budget.

3. Buy Secondhand

You can save money by opting for a used dress. Most brides only wear their dresses for one day.

So, they won’t be that different from a new dress. Only that it is cheaper.

Final Thoughts

You can put a wedding dress on layaway. That is the best strategy for people who don’t have a budget.

However, it comes with some rules that vary from company to company. So you need to check with the program you’re considering.