Is It Rude to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Cover Up And Conceal Their Body Art?

Although participating in a wedding, regardless of the position, is a huge honor, you must remember that people will bring their own experiences and expectations.

Therefore, it’s crucial to remember that your bridesmaids are your loved ones.

So rear them with respect and consideration, and your day will be memorable.

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So, Is It Rude to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Cover Up And Conceal Their Body Art?

It may or may not be rude, depending on how you ask. If you ask nicely and help them in the process of covering their body art, it wouldn’t be seen as impolite.

You can explain why you are uncomfortable with them exposing their body art and offer suggestions on how they can cover it up. However, bear in mind that such conversations can go left quickly. So, be prepared for any reaction.

How to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Cover Their Body Art

As we mentioned, this conversation is not going to be easy.

However, if you need them to cover their body art, you have to do it. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Explain The Reasons Behind Your Request

Make your bridesmaids know why you don’t want their body art in your photos.

It could be that you plan on displaying the pictures on your wall, and you’re uncomfortable about their tattoos being seen.

Or you may want a particular look for your ceremony that the body art doesn’t complement.

Or you could be coming from a traditional family that doesn’t appreciate such art.

You must have a reason why you want them to conceal their tattoos. And since this is a hard request, make them understand by informing them of the reasons behind your request.

2. Offer Solutions

There are several ways your maids can cover their body art.

For instance, a professional makeup artist can help conceal tattoos.

But, hiring them is an added expense that your bridesmaid may not have planned for it.

In that case, you can offer to pay for them.

Also, remember that covering tattoos this way takes a lot of time.

So, as a considerate bride, you need to plan for the time your maids will spend on a chair and ensure that it won’t delay anything.

Alternatively, you can buy them shawls or wraps to cover their body art.

If these solutions aren’t suitable, you could accept them the way they are.

Remember that you asked them to support you, and that might come with some limitations and other things.

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How Can You Make Your Bridesmaid Happy at Your Wedding?

Being a maid at a wedding invites a lot of responsibilities that require energy, time, and money.

So, it is only polite that the bride does everything to ensure that her maids have the time of their life at the wedding.

While you are busy planning your wedding day, think about the ways you can be there for your bridesmaids so they can also support you fully.

Here are some things to help you out.

1. Choose Dresses with Pockets

Your maid will spend some time in the dresses you’ve chosen for them.

There are times when they will run around, pose for photos and even dance the night away.

You can make them feel comfortable by choosing dresses with pockets.

That way, they will have somewhere to put tissues, makeup and phone while moving around.

2. Allow Flat Shoes

Blisters on the feet are common, especially when someone is moving and running down.

Even if you want them to wear heels, also allow flat shoes that they can change into. That way, they can run around without feeling pain in their feet.

3. Offer Snacks

Food is essential to fuel the body. If your bridal party lacks it, they won’t have the energy to make your day bright.

Protect them from hangover pains by having many snacks available anytime.

Opt for healthy snacks that don’t have too much sugar.

That way, they will be satisfied and energized. Allowing them to carry their treats to bite throughout the day is also wise.

4. Allow Time to Chill

There are so many activities happening during a wedding. Therefore, it’s easy for one to feel overwhelmed.

Bridesmaids have to wake up early and get their hair and makeup done for an event that doesn’t start until 12 hours later.

If you start the preparations early, allocate time for your maids to sit down and relax. Also, remember to give them time to eat.

They may be tired during the reception if they are constantly busy the whole morning and afternoon.

5. Include Activities for Their Plus Ones

If your bridesmaids have invited someone to the wedding, they may feel awkward leaving them alone for the whole day as they don’t know any other people present.

So, as a considerate bride, plan activities for their plus ones.

This way, your maids can break for lunch or mid-coffee with their plus ones, and they won’t feel guilty or distracted for being unable to entertain their guests.

You can even coordinate with the plus ones for some packed lunch to be delivered to the bridal suite and have a pre-ceremony celebration.

This allows them a few minutes to see and interact with their partners before they get busy.

6. Lower Your Expectations

Please remember that the bridesmaids have different budgets. So, be considerate of the amount they are spending on your big day.

Add the total costs, including shoes, dresses, hens party, and accommodation, and decide whether it’s reasonable to spend on your wedding.

7. Thank Them

After their hard work, you need to appreciate their effort. Buy some gifts for your girls and give them at the end of the day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show them how grateful you are. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

You can buy them jewelry to wear and give them thoughtful cards to make them feel appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Some people may find it rude when you ask them to cover their body art, and some don’t mind.

The best thing is to consider the type of bridesmaids you want. If you don’t want tattoos at your wedding, it’s best to pick people with no tattoos.

But if you discover they have them after already picking them, try to explain why you think the maid should cover her body art.