Can You Have Only One Bridesmaid at Your Wedding?

On your DAY, you want to be surrounded by your loved ones.

But deciding who will make it to your bridal party can be difficult, especially if you don’t have lots of friends/family.

So, Can You Have Only One Bridesmaid at Your Wedding?

It is perfectly fine to have one bridesmaid if that is what you want. Remember that this is your day. So, you are in control of the bridal party and everything happening at the wedding. But if you are having one bridesmaid, you need to think carefully before choosing. You should decide whether she will be a young or an adult bridesmaid.

With a young maid, you may have trouble keeping her organized and right on track.

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But, careful planning should foresee and resolve any potential issues.

Opting for an adult maid can be more beneficial as she will help you plan the wedding and throughout the day itself.

How Many Bridesmaids Can You Have?

The size of the wedding influences the size of your bridal party.

Most people opt for three to five bridesmaids.

However, you need to consider the venue’s size, the number of guests attending, and how many close friends and family members you have before deciding how many maids to pick.

If you have five people who make you feel this way, then have five of them at your bridal party.

But if you have only one person who is your RIDE OR DIE, then only she should be your maid.

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FOUR Ways To Choose Your Bridesmaid(s)

1. Think About Your Budget

Sadly, bridesmaids aren’t cheap. Each maid will bring an added cost to your total wedding budget.

So, first, consult your budget before you start asking your friends.

Note that for each bridesmaid, there are expenses for her:

  • dress
  • shoes
  • jewelry & other accessories
  • flowers
  • food throughout the wedding
  • a gift to say thank you
  • and transportation to the wedding.

Some brides will cater to the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup to be done on the morning of the wedding.

The bride isn’t responsible for all bridesmaid expenses.

But, if you want your maids to look a certain way, maybe wear a specific dress or have a certain shade of nail polish, it is etiquette to pay for them.

This is why opting for one bridesmaid is good for this situation.

That way, you can cater to her cost without straining your pocket.

2. Consider The Formality

Very formal weddings have 6-10 maids, but they can go up to ten and at least one flower girl as well as a ring bearer.

Semi-formal weddings mostly have two to six maids, while casual weddings do well with 1-2 maids or none.

If you love sticking to tradition, the above guidelines can help you decide how many maids to have.

But remember, you don’t have to follow any rules.

Just because your wedding is super formal doesn’t mean you cannot have one bridesmaid if that is what you wish.

3. Evaluate The Wedding Venue

After deciding the number of bridesmaids your budget can handle, you then need to examine your wedding venue. Its size and layout will give you an idea of the people to have as your bridesmaid.

For instance, if your wedding is in a small country hotel or a registry office, you may not have a lot of space to work with. In that case, one or two bridesmaids may be the best decision.

But you are getting married at a huge venue, so having one or two bridesmaids may look odd.

Think about how your wedding pictures will come out.

Most brides want an even number of bridesmaids so that they can stand in the middle of the photos.

However, you can also achieve this with an odd number.

4. Think About Your Friendship Dynamics

Girls usually know who will be their bridesmaids even before they meet their Mr. Right.

Most brides will choose their sister(s) and a few close friends as their maids.

However, before making this decision, consider your friendship dynamics.

For example, if you decide to have four maids, but you have two sisters and three best friends, leaving one out may hurt their feelings.

In this case, you can either have none, have your sisters only, or include all your friends on the list.

Can You Have a Wedding Without Bridesmaids?

Yes. Maybe you want to cut down on the cost, or you want to keep things simple, or you just don’t want to make your friends feel obligated.

You don’t have to feel limited to the tradition of having bridesmaids.

Remember it is your wedding and you can do what you want.

So if there is a time to break the norm, it is now.

Final Thoughts

You can have a wedding with one bridesmaid.

There is no set exact number that all brides have to follow.

Therefore, if you are comfortable with only one, go for it.

Again, if you need more people in your lineup, that’s okay too.


How Many Bridesmaids Can You Have and How to Choose Wisely