Can Your Niece Be a Bridesmaid? (THREE CONSIDERATIONS)

Choosing your bridesmaids can be challenging, especially with many close friends and family members.

Usually, most brides leave this role to adults.

But, if you have nieces you are close with, you may want to include them in your lineup.

Keep reading to learn whether that’s okay.

So, Can Your Niece Be Your Bridesmaid?

Yes. You can have your niece as your bridesmaid, depending on her age.

If she is between 9-14 years, you can have her as a junior bridesmaid. That means they don’t plan for a bridal shower for you or attend your bachelorette party. But they can participate in other areas like seating guests at the wedding reception, making favors, or walking you down the aisle. Chances are they will be willing to help more than you expect it.

However, if your niece is below nine years, you can have her as a flower girl. It is still an adorable position that she will enjoy doing.

Three Things to Consider If You Will Include Your Niece at Your Nuptials

1. Her Parents

First, you will need permission from the parents before including her in your wedding.

2. Pre-Wedding Activities

Then, you should make her feel included. While she may miss the bachelorette party, let her attend the bridal shower.

3. Additional Duties

Also, allow her to help with some duties like participating in favors. It is also a nice gesture to bring her to your wedding gown shopping or fitting.

If she won’t attend any pre-wedding party, you can take her to lunch or get manicures or pedicures.

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What Is a Junior Bridesmaid and What Are Her Roles?

A junior bridesmaid is usually someone the bride is close with, like the sister, daughter, cousin, stepdaughter, etc.

Although they are young, they can fully participate in the wedding celebration.

Usually, they play different roles in the wedding, but they simply assist in doing the same duties as the adult bridesmaids.

They can help with pre-wedding duties like putting favors together, adding postage to your invites, etc.

They can also attend the pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower, but don’t expect them to go all out like your adult bridesmaids.

We don’t recommend inviting them to the bachelorette party, especially if it is not kid friendly.

Your junior bridesmaids can also stand next to you during vow exchange or take pictures with you at the reception.

What Will Your Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

If you decide to make your niece your junior bridesmaid, you need to consider what she’ll wear to the wedding.

Usually, the dresses are the same as other maids.

But some people may think the adult dresses are not age appropriate for their junior bridesmaids.

In that case, you can pick a gown made specifically for them. It could match the styles of other bridesmaids, or you can opt for a different style and color.

You need her to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day without being uncomfortable.

You can also complement it with neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings.

Although you’ll make most of the decisions during this shopping, we recommend you bring them along to hear their input.

You need to also think about the shoes they will wear with the dress.

They need to be comfortable, stable, and stylish. Pick a pair that is appropriate for her. It is best to avoid heels if your niece is not comfortable walking in them.

Opt for flats or sandals with a small kitten or a block heel.

Even sneakers will still be a perfect choice, especially for dresses that are floor-length. Remember that your junior bridesmaid needs to be confident like the rest.

Who Pays for The Junior Bridesmaid Dresses?

Adult bridesmaids can cater to their gowns. However, it is not clear when it comes to the junior bridesmaids.

You can offer to pay for your niece’s dresses since she is young to do it herself. But, if the parents are willing, they can choose and pay for the dress.

Don’t rush into making this decision. First, talk to the parents and hear their perspectives before deciding.

How Should You Ask Your Niece to Be a Bridesmaid?

Before you invite your niece to your wedding, speak with her parents first.

They will know whether her schedule will allow it and if she can take up this role.

Also, it’s best to talk to them since they will fuel the bill for the dresses and other expenses she might have for the wedding unless you offer it.

If the parents agree, you can go ahead and pop the question.

You can just ask her or offer her a little gift. But either way, chances are that she will be enthusiastic about this role.

Should Your Junior Bridesmaid Get Ready with the Rest of the Bridal Party at the Wedding?

It depends on how comfortable they are. While you don’t want to make her feel excluded, you shouldn’t put her in an awkward position or make them feel out of place.

Consider her age and personality when making this decision. If she is a shy preteen, she may not feel comfortable getting ready with women.

But if she is generally outgoing, she will be ready to jump at this opportunity.

It’s crucial to think about the crowd that will be present.

Besides you and the bridesmaids, will there be other people?

Like your mother, future mother-in-law, flower girls, and other relatives?

If you aren’t sure about this decision, have your niece join in later during the day after the bridesmaids have arrived but not after the flower girls, if you will have them.

That way, she will participate in the girl time fun without being uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Your niece can be your bridesmaid, depending on her age.

If she is nine years and above, this role will suit her well.

But if she is younger, consider making her a flower girl instead.