Can You Bring Your Baby to Your Bridal Shower? 

If you are planning a bridal shower, one of the decisions you’ll make is who gets to come to it. Many people usually don’t want kids at their bridal showers and weddings.

But what if it is your own kid? Will it be rude to bring them to the bridal shower?

So, Can You Bring Your Baby to Your Bridal Shower?

It depends on the situation. If you’ve restricted other invites from bringing their babies, it may seem selfish to bring yours. But then it depends on how old the baby is. A newborn or a 3-month-old can’t be far from their mum. In that case, it is understandable to bring them to the shower.

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However, we must mention that while it is your shower and you have the right to do what you like, you should remain considerate of other attendants as well.

If you bring your 2-month baby to the shower, it is only considerate to allow another mum to bring their baby.

But this might also be dangerous if you have many new mums in your circle. That means there will be more infants in your bridal shower.

Should Children Be Invited to a Bridal Shower?

The answer is that it depends on the bride and host.

But before you decide to invite children, ask yourself these questions;

  1. Is the venue kid friendly?
  2. Are kids invited to such events in your family?
  3. Would the invited children add to the guest count that it becomes burdensome?
  4. Should you invite children participating in the wedding ceremony like the flower girl?

If you have a flower girl, inviting her and her mom to the bridal shower may be fair.

Also, if you have young bridesmaids, you should invite them.

But if the event will be adult-only, where alcohol and lingerie modeling will be present, please don’t include children in this event.

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Why Have a Bridal Shower?

Understanding the purpose of a bridal shower will help you decide who to invite.

Usually, it is a party to give the bride gifts that will help her start her new home as a wife. The whole event is simply about giving gifts to the bride, which she opens in front of everyone as part of the event activities.

So as you can see, they are not as serious as the wedding ceremony or reception.

It is why some brides allow babies to these events.

Who Do You Invite to Your Bridal Shower?

The maid of honor and bridesmaids are usually the ones to plan and host the bridal shower.

However, these days, the bride’s mother and even the bride herself can plan for such events.

Regardless of the planner, it’s always best for the bride to get consulted on who she’d like as the guest in this event.

But usually, the guest list includes the bridal party, close female friends, and family members

Six Things to Remember When Deciding Who to Invite to Your Bridal Shower

1. Bridal Showers Are Intimate Celebrations

Although there are some exceptions, bridal showers are usually intimate and are to be attended by the bride and her close female friends and close female family members.

It can be difficult to decide who to invite to such a celebration, but the guests should only be people closest to you.

That means your maid of honor, bridesmaids, close friends, and close family members.

You should not feel obligated to invite close female friends/family members of the group unless you have a close relationship with them.

2. Don’t Invite Anyone You’ve Not Invited To The Wedding

You may want to invite some of your loved ones to your bridal shower as you feel guilty you haven’t invited them to the wedding.

But, while this is a nice gesture to make them feel included, it isn’t advisable. Inviting people to your bridal shower who you won’t invite to your wedding is inappropriate.

Even if you have pure intentions, it may come off as offensive, and they may think you are looking for ways to get more gifts. However, if your co-workers host a bridal shower for you, that is different.

3. The Host Has The Final Word

While the bride should be consulted during bridal shower planning, it is the host who pays for the party.

So, they have the right to decide how many guests to invite and where to host the event.

If the bride has more people to invite than the host can accommodate, she can think of hosting another bridal shower.

Maybe separate friends and family. But whichever the case, the host should feel free to accommodate only who they can.

4. You Can Do Multiple Showers

Sometimes, more than one person may be willing to throw a bridal shower for the bride. Instead of combining these, they can consider doing them differently provided the dates and times do not overlap.

For instance, your bridesmaids can do one baby shower that includes friends and your mum another with family members.

But when there is more than one bridal shower, remember to keep the guest list unique.

5. Co-ed Sh0wers

Alternatively, you can consider co-ed showers, too where the groom and his friends are invited to the shower.

This will work well if the wedding party has bridesmen or the bride has close male friends that she wants to be included.

The groom’s dad may also want to be included in this ceremony and may make an appearance at the end of the party.

6. You May Or May Not Include Your Children

Bridal showers are more of an adult event. So most kids won’t enjoy attending.

However, you can work with the host and decide whether to include your children or soon-to-be stepchildren.

But if you invite them, please ensure that there are meals and drinks on the menu they can enjoy while partying with adults.

But generally, it is not recommended to invite children to such events as they will be bored and your guests could give you raunchy gifts that are difficult to explain to a five-year-old. Even guests who bring children will not have as much fun because they will be worried about the children.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision of whether to bring your baby to your bridal shower is on you.

Weigh the pros and cons of having them in this event before deciding.