Are Weddings Too Loud for Babies? (SEVEN TIPS)

If you’ve just been invited to a wedding, some questions are coming to the forefront, like

  • What are you going to wear?
  • Who’s your plus one?
  • Which gift are you planning to bring?

But if you are a parent, another question you have is whether to bring your baby.

So, Are Weddings Too Loud for Babies?

No. Not really. Most weddings do not get too loud until after all the traditional things have happened. If you are okay with going home before they start major partying, your baby will be okay. Most parents don’t even stay at weddings late anyways.

But if you decide to go to the wedding with your baby, opt for the last row on the aisle. There, you can easily slip outside and attend to your child if they get uncomfortable. Otherwise, they sleep most of the time at this age, and it’s easier to take them to weddings than when they are much older.

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Does Loud Music Affect Babies Hearing?

Yes. Loud music may affect a baby’s hearing. Noise exposure can lead to hearing problems, and sounds greater than 85dB are generally not recommended. Exposing babies to this noise increases their risk of hearing loss since their ear canals are not as developed as that of adults. The standard 85dB is for adult ears.

But note that noise exposure is the reality of our lives.

Many situations could increase your and your children’s lives to the risk of hearing loss.

But whether or not that will happen depends on various factors like the duration and frequency of the exposure, sound level, genetics, etc.

Is It Okay to Bring a Baby to a Wedding?

Many couples will be more than happy to allow babies to their weddings, particularly if the parents are breastfeeding.

But if they are against this idea, please don’t show up with your child. Instead, think of your other alternatives.

For instance, you can have one of your relatives look after your baby at a separate venue that is close.

If breastfeeding, you can travel to the venue to feed the baby every few hours during this day.

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Seven Tips for Taking a Baby to a Wedding

The main thing parents worry about when taking their baby to weddings is that they may cry during key moments like at the wedding ceremony.

But with some planning, you can relax and enjoy yourself at the wedding even if the baby cries.

Don’t worry when your baby cries.

That is normal, and even guests that give you a weird look need to be understanding. That said, here are some tips for taking a baby to a wedding.

1. Talk to the Couple First

Some weddings are not kid-friendly. And most times, they specify this when sending out the invitation.

But if you are breastfeeding or your baby is very young, you may still want to bring your baby with you. In that case, talk to the couple and see if they agree.

Most couples don’t mind accommodating babies as it won’t cost them extra money. But talk to them about the venue and get the general feel.

Remember, you will need to change their diaper and soothe them from time to time. So it means you’ll have to go outside several times.

2. Analyze the Logistics

Most times, the ceremony and the reception are in different places.

If that is the case, think about the timings and how you will incorporate feeds and naps.

But most times, it is recommended you go with the flow. We understand that many people follow a strict schedule for their babies.

But one day is not going to harm them.

3. Plan on Sharing the Load with Your Spouse or Someone Else

Even for breastfeeding babies, it doesn’t mean that they would be glued to their mothers all the time.

It’s wise to share the responsibility with your partner, so you don’t miss a lot. For example, your spouse can handle nappy changes or take them on regular walks freeing you for a while.

You can take turns holding the baby at dinner as you both need to eat. But please plan this so that everyone knows what to do.

4. Think about Purchasing Baby Ear Defenders

The wedding will not be noisy for the better part of the day.

However, the music from the DJ or the band might get too loud in the evening.

You can protect your baby’s eardrums and help them to sleep using baby ear defenders.

That, together with gentle rocking, will help them sleep, and you can enjoy the party while watching them.

5. Wear a Comfortable Dress

If you’ve recently given birth, you will need to wear a comfortable outfit, especially if you had a C-section.

Choose something that allows some room to prevent a buildup of pressure.

Please don’t worry about weight loss at this point. Just embrace your body the way it is.

Remember that a comfortable dress doesn’t have to be casual or frumpy.

You can find many maternity dresses made from comfortable jersey material that will make you look fantastic.

6. Carry a Changing Bag

Pack a few extra things in case the wedding takes longer than expected. It’s wise to plan when packing to ensure you don’t forget anything.

It may be difficult to head out and buy the extras, and there may be no shops around that sell them.

You will need diapers, napkins, muslins, spare outfits, cardigans, pajamas, food for weaning, bottles, wipes, dummies, a spoon, formula, and toys for distraction.

7. Accept Help from Those Who Offer

Other guests may request to cuddle your little one.

That’s a chance to take some pressure off and rest your arms. If you’ve gone to a family wedding, some of your relatives may be willing to take turns helping you.

Don’t refuse such advances. Use them to rest and enjoy the wedding.


It’s okay to take your baby to a wedding as it won’t be that loud. But if you plan on staying late, you need to determine how that will work out.

Usually, evening receptions are loud and may affect your baby.