Can a Child Give You Away at Your Wedding? 

There is always someone to “give away” the bride to the groom for as long as weddings have existed.

Usually, this person is the bride’s father or a male person that’s played a crucial role in her life.

But what if the bride has no father or wants to break the tradition?

So, Can a Child Give You Away at Your Wedding?

Yes. Your children can escort you and give you away during your wedding. They are a huge part of your life and marriage, whether they are two or thirty years. In fact, they will be thrilled to do this “grown-up” responsibility instead of the usual ring bearer and flower girl roles.

However, to avoid resentment and sadness, it is advisable to let all your kids walk you down the aisle in some way. Remember that this is an event that will be forever imprinted in their hearts. So, you don’t want other kids to feel envious or discriminated against because you choose one to give you away.

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Where Did Giving Away Practice Originate from?

This tradition has a hard-to-swallow tradition.

Ideally, people in the past believed that women were men’s property.

So, when a father walked her daughter down the aisle and gave her away, it was considered transferring ownership from the father to the new husband.

However, even though this tradition is still present today, its meaning isn’t the same.

People have re-invented the tradition, and these days it is considered a form of showing respect and love for the newlyweds.

For this reason, brides no longer feel limited to choosing their father only.

They can include both parents, walk alone, walk with their partners or pick someone else to walk them down the aisle.

It is important to remember that today’s society has embraced all types of marriage, including between LGBTQ couples. Therefore, each couple does what works for them.

Who Should Give Away the Bride? Seven Choices

In most weddings, the bride’s father is the one who plays this role. But you can pick anyone else to give you away.

What’s important is to choose a person you trust and are comfortable with.

Remember, it is your day, and you have the right to decide who plays which role. But at the same time, your beliefs will guide you into this decision.

Here is who you can choose to walk you down the aisle:

1. Father Figure

If your parents are divorced, or your father passed on, you may choose a stepparent to walk you down.

Sometimes you may be closer to your stepfather than your birth father.

There is nothing wrong with picking them to walk you down the aisle. But remember that some fathers feel it is their right to escort their daughters.

However, this concept is outdated in these modern days. Thus, you can pick someone else besides your father for this role.

2. Mother

If your mother has been supportive and is an important part of your life, you can pick her over or if you’re your father is not present.

She will be the best person to escort you, especially if close. Chances are that she’s been in this position and loves you unconditionally.

3. Sibling

You can also invite your brother or sister to give you away.

But, it would be wise to invite them all to accompany you to avoid rivalry in the future.

They can walk you down in solidarity and help you celebrate your big day.

In most cases, siblings make up a huge part of the bride’s life and will be honored to participate in the ceremony this way.

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4. Dog

Only pet parents can understand why we included this as our suggestion.

Your pet is part of the family. So if your dad can’t be able to escort you, your puppy can be the best replacement.

Besides adding uniqueness to your wedding, having your dog escort you can also make the photos more adorable and distract you from the fact that your father wasn’t able to participate this way.

5. Grandparent(s)

If your grandparents are alive, you can ask them to walk you down the aisle.

These people have been present in your life and your parent’s lives.

Therefore, most likely, they care and love you so much. Even if they are using a walker or in a wheelchair, don’t exclude them only for this reason.

6. Husband-to-be

Another option is to walk down together as a couple.

While tradition is fantastic, it is not mandatory. Therefore, you and your spouse can enter at the same point during the wedding.

7. Walk Alone

You don’t need anyone to escort you. If your dad is absent and you don’t feel like picking someone else, you don’t have to feel forced.

That way, you won’t feel someone else is taking your dad’s position. However, please note that walking alone might not be easy.

So, carefully think hard about this option before considering it.

Will it be easier to walk alone, or will you feel bad when someone else walks you down the aisle instead of your dad?

Can Multiple People Escort You?

Yes. If you cannot choose one person, have several people escort you. Some brides choose both their parents or their entire family to escort them.

Although this is a non-traditional approach, it will make your loved ones feel included, and no one’s feelings will be hurt.

Alternatives to Giving the Bride Away?

You don’t have to feel pressured to walk down the aisle with someone.

If you are uncomfortable, you can skip this part together. Some couples walk in with their guests, and everyone takes their seats at the ceremony.

Alternatively, you can arrange for the groom to meet you in the middle.

That way, you walk halfway to meet your partner and then proceed the rest of the distance with your partner.

Walking down the aisle is usually done at the beginning of the ceremony.

So, if you are picking these alternatives, remember the timing to keep everything else flowing correctly.

Regardless of who you choose, bear in mind that your wedding is a special day, which will be photographed and videotaped to be watched for many years.

Therefore, try not to leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths.

If your father is present and you choose a different person to give you away, please ensure you talk to him about it. And try to be as kind as you can so everyone enjoys this day.


Anyone can walk you down the aisle.

What matters is that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision. So, if you’ve settled on your children, that’s okay too.