Should You Take Your Child Out of School for Your Wedding?

There is no doubt that your wedding is one of the best days of your life.

As a result, many people want to celebrate it with their family and friends.

So, it is only natural that you’d want your kids to be part of your big day and celebrate with you.

But, Should You Take Your Child Out of School for Your Wedding?

Yes. Your wedding day is an important event, and your child will not miss much in just a day out of school. Your child may be sad to discover you got married while they were in school. It may be worth letting them be part of this celebration.

But it is worth noting that some schools may not be happy with this. In fact, in some places, you may even be fined. Many schools today are banning time off except when the child is sick. And that is understandable since they are facing a lot of scrutinizing on students’ absence. However, with a good head and understanding head of school, this should not be a problem.

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Why Should Your Child Not Miss Your Wedding?

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.

For this reason, people close to you shouldn’t be present to celebrate this day with you.

That includes your children. Even if they are little, they will remember this day for a long time.

It might even be selfish to invite other people and leave out your kids because they are your immediate family. So, it is only fair that they come to the wedding.

If possible, you can even let them participate in the wedding.

That will make the day more memorable for them. For instance, you can have your toddler as the flower girl or the ring bearer.

If you have teenagers, they can be part of your bridal or groom team. That way, you all have fun together and create a memorable day.

How Do You Request Your Child to Be Out of School During Your Wedding?

You will have to write a letter to the school and explain why and when you want them out of school. Also, include in the letter that you’ll ask the teacher for any work for your child to do when they are away.

Most schools understand such things and will authorize the leave.

But bear in mind that some schools may give you a warning for this absence, and some may even fine you.

Also, it is best to check with your state laws before writing this letter. Some states don’t have this luxury and parents may get in trouble for this.

For this reason, some parents phone in sick. However, we don’t advise this as it will not end well when you’re caught lying. Just be honest upfront.

Remember that your child may proudly talk about your wedding day to his teachers and friends, which can give you away if you lied.

Should You Allow Kids at Your Wedding?

The debate about whether to invite kids to a wedding always prompts passionate discussions.

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On the one hand, you have several guests with kids who think they can add beauty to the wedding atmosphere.

On the other hand, some guests may feel children are distracting and rowdy as they can’t settle down and enjoy the celebration like adults.

But having kids at your wedding has some pros and cons which you should consider before making the decision.

Let’s look at the perks and drawbacks to help you make a wise choice.

Pro: Guests Who Are Parents Will Likely Attend Your Wedding

Some of your guests will have children that need to be watched over.

If they don’t have someone to attend to them while they are at home, the parents may choose not to come.

This is true, especially for a destination wedding where a parent may not be comfortable leaving their child behind.

But if kids are invited, they can dress them and tag them along. That way, they can have complete fun on your big day without worrying about the state of their kids.

Pro: Children Can Add Some Fun and Playfulness to the Wedding

Kids can lighten the mood and add a degree of playfulness to your event and even the photographs of the day. You can rely on them to encourage guests to dance once they’re done eating.

Since they are free-spirited, they can remind everyone to relax and have fun.

Con: You Might Lose Parents at Different Times of the Event

If your guests have little kids that they have to watch over, they may have to leave the event at random times to attend to their kids.

For instance, if they have babies or toddlers, they may have to step out for a diaper change several times, let them run and settle them down.

So this means that you won’t get their undivided attention.

Con: They Are Not Always Cooperative

In fact, this is the reason why people choose not to have kids at their weddings.

Kids may interrupt the ceremony with cries, screams or even laughter.

Unfortunately, they don’t know or understand when they are being disruptive. But it can still ruin the moment.

If you are worried about this, you might invite the kids to the reception and not the ceremony.

Or think of setting up another room and hiring a babysitter for guests with kids during important sessions, like when saying the vows.

But even with this preparation, you may still deal with unexpected behavior from kids.

Three Things to Consider Before Having Kids at Your Wedding

If you have decided to welcome young guests to your wedding, you need to consider their needs. Here is what you need to think about;

1. The Style Of The Wedding

If you are hoping for an elegant and sophisticated wedding, it may be best to leave out children to maintain the formality and ambience.

2. Hiring A Kids’ Entertainer

You can hire an entertainer to open an act for the little ones before the wedding band takes the stage. That way, they will wear out early on.

3. Include Kids’ Meals On The Menu

Kids will probably not love fine dining like adults. Work with the catering team to create a simple, kid-friendly menu for these young ones.


Taking your child from school for your wedding is not mandatory.

But it is worth considering. A wedding is a special day and should be enjoyed by the people closest to you, including your child.

So, it may be worth it to let them have this moment.