Is It Rude To Have An Adults Only Wedding? (Five Benefits)

Inviting adults only to your wedding is not rude, and since it is your wedding, you are free to set the variables.

It is important that you are clear in your invites about the fact that it is adults-only.

How Can Adult Only Weddings Be Done?

Do not invite people who will not meet your conditions. For instance, people will not attend because they have nowhere to leave their children may not be able to attend.

What are Adult-Only Weddings?

Adult-only events are particular kinds of events that have more fun and fewer restrictions regarding the hours that the event can take place. It also features things only intended for adults, such as alcoholic drinks.

As such, children cannot be allowed to attend such an event, and you must know the best way to create an event that is only for adults.

For instance, you will have to look for a way of informing the invitees that only adults will be accepted at the wedding.

Be Ready with a Babysitter: Just in Case

If they happen to have children, they should look for places where they can leave them for the day as they attend your wedding.

This means that creating your invitation will take time, and you will need to think about the best wording to use for your invitations.

Stipulating that no children are allowed at the wedding is not easy, and you have to get the message right for the people being invited to understand that you do not let children be in attendance.

What if Someone Still Brings their Children?

In the rare event that some of the people that have been invited bring their children with them, you should be prepared by having a babysitter on standby to take the children to a place away from the wedding.

This way, you will be able to uphold and preserve the integrity of the wedding only for adults.

The children should have other activities to keep them occupied well away from the venue of the wedding.

It would help to think rare cases where a guest who does not understand your invitation’s instructions insists on bringing their children along with them.

You will avoid any ugly scene, and the children will have somewhere they can have fun and play or rest for the entire day.

This means that they will have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the wedding even if they are not in attendance.

A good babysitter and plenty of activities to keep them engaged will ensure that the adults have enough space and privacy to hold the wedding in.

What Are Some Benefits of Having an Adult-Only Wedding?

The wedding will be meant for your guests to enjoy, and whenever you send out the invitations, you can have “Adults Only” clearly displayed on them.

The adults get a chance to celebrate the wedding away from their children, and this frees up their minds and enables them to indulge in the celebrations without any nagging feeling tugging at the back of their minds.

They will also be less restricted at the event, and they will be able to enjoy more of the wedding since you have provided them with amenities that are only meant for adults.

1. Giving the Adults a Moment of Peace

This is the major benefit of inviting adults only to your wedding.

When you only have adults in attendance, the range of entertainment options available will be increased.

You will also have more activities to participate in after the wedding, and you will be able to make arrangements and preparations meant for adults only.

The party itself will not be rude, but having adults only in attendance also means that as the organizers, you will have an easier time hosting the event.

The adults have a good sense of directions, and you will have an easier time getting them organized for the different phases of your event.

2. More Order At the Wedding

For instance, when it is time for the cake-cutting, the adults know what to do, and they will be able to make the event more memorable and even fun for the bride and the groom.

Additionally, the absence of the children at the wedding event means that the people will be less stressed.

There will be fewer interruptions, and this will be an important moment for everyone in attendance to spend some time away from their children.

3. Less Noise and Interruptions

Without crying children at the wedding, the event will also proceed smoothly without any halts or pauses.

This means that the entire event will also take less time which means that you will have more time for the other events that are part of the wedding.

For instance, the party will go late into the night, and the adults will have a chance to celebrate without any restrictions.

As the event organizer, you should be prepared to give the adult the best reward for their cooperation and attendance.

For instance, you can have a drinks bar where they can ask for drinks to be prepared to their tastes.

Most adults are known to drink, which means that you will not have to worry about the party section of the party for your wedding.

4. Fewer Restrictions for Adults

The absence of children is significant since the adults will imbibe their drinks without feeling cautious or afraid.

They will also be more at ease, setting a better mood for your wedding event.

Weddings that are adult-only are rare, and when they do happen, the people attending can enjoy themselves quite well.

It doesn’t matter how long the wedding will go on since adults can easily handle long events, and they will ensure that you have enough time and space to say your marriage vows as a couple.

5. Adult Audiences are Better for the Wedding

Additionally, they make the best audience for the wedding, and for your sake, they will be there to cheer you on and applaud you at the right moments.

As such, you will be able to have a one-of-a-kind wedding event where only the adults are in attendance away from their children.

It is not rude, and it is a welcome gesture in many places.

An adult-only event will be more formal for many people, and the event will also happen a lot quicker.

The adults will be able to witness the event’s proceedings, and they will be able to contribute in the best way they know.

Choose the Attendees Carefully

As the event organizer, you are at complete liberty to determine who attends the wedding and who does not.

Making it adult-only means that the attendees will have an easier time at the event, and they will also be able to enjoy themselves.

Keeping them under control will not be stressful as they follow instructions and always go according to the directions you give them.

Even when your wedding takes more hours, adults will be able to stay for the entire length, which is suitable for your wedding.


An adult-only wedding is a unique event that is rarely held but, when it does, marks a moment for the adults to be away from their children.

As such, they can easily celebrate with the other adults in attendance and your wedding will be more memorable for them.

It is also important to have adults only when you want to create an event without any parameters restricting what you can and cannot do.