How Do You Plan a Wedding When You Have No Friends? (NINE TIPS)

Social media and magazine pictures have forced us to believe that we need many people for our wedding to be fun.

But that is not true.

Many couples prefer having a small wedding or a wedding without bridesmaids.

So, don’t feel nervous if you don’t have a lot of friends.

So, How Do You Plan a Wedding When You Have No Friends?

If you have no friends, ask your relatives and fiancé’s friends to help with the planning. They can assist you with bridal showers, bachelorette party planning, floral arrangements, etc. If you are worried about not having enough bridesmaids, you can always ask your male friends to be your bridesmen.

You can also avoid dealing with guests altogether by eloping or choosing a court wedding and spending the money on the honeymoon instead.

Nine Tips for Planning a Wedding Without Friends

1. Let Your Relatives Do Bridal Party Tasks

Bridesmaids are responsible for planning and managing the intricate details of the wedding and ensuring it is a success.

But, if you don’t have friends, always remember you can seek help from other people, like your and your fiancé’s relatives.

They can arrange the flowers, help you choose the wedding dress and venue, host a bridal shower, and do other duties bridesmaids will do.

2. Skip The Bridesmaids

Friends make up a large percentage of the bridesmaids. But if they’re not an option, think of doing your wedding without bridesmaids.

You can look for someone to be your maid of honor or best man. These are the most meaningful positions, most times anyway.

Besides being there for the wedding today, these two can also help with the planning and celebration.

If you don’t have someone close to act as a maid of honor, you can opt for a remote maid of honor or even best man.

Many planning and collaboration tools make it easy to show people something from far away.

It could be that the person you want as a maid of honor leaves far away and doesn’t have the finances to come.

In that case, think of working with them remotely. Just share ideas online using Pinterest, Zoom, Facebook, etc.

3. Ask Acquaintances To Be Your Bridesmaids

If you don’t have close friends, you can always ask not so close friends to participate in your wedding.

However, to avoid awkwardness when making this request, address the fact that you aren’t close and tell them you desire to be close through the wedding planning.

You might not be comfortable asking these people to be your bridesmaids, but remember that being in the bridal party builds a bonding opportunity.

And who knows? You might build a strong relationship from this.

4. Consider Having Bridesmen

If you have close male friends or family, ask them to be present at the altar with you.

What’s important is getting the love and support you need during your wedding day.

Remember that many couples are doing away with many wedding traditions these days.

5. Go Dress Shopping With Your Fiancé

Even if you know the dress you want, you need someone to go shopping with you for moral support. You may take your fiancé with you if you don’t have friends.

You will get the same awesome experience if you went with your girlfriends.

But it is worth noting that this may not be possible if you believe the groom shouldn’t see the bride in the dress before the ceremony.

6. Hire A Professional Bridesmaid

Not having bridesmaids has become so common that many women have formed groups to become professional bridesmaids to support brides during their day.

You can find them on online forums at different price points.

A professional bridesmaid can give the maid of honor speech, stand with you for the pictures or help you get ready.

But please note they use a fake name, give a fake backstory, and do small things like fixing your dress.

They can also help in organizing pre-wedding parties like bridal showers.

So, think of going this route if you have no one and your budget allows.

7. Plan For A Simple Small Wedding

Friends make up a large percentage of the audience.

So it is normal to worry that you may not have enough, especially if you have been dreaming of a big wedding.

But, believe it or not, there are many perks associated with a small celebration. Your budget will significantly reduce since wedding guests are paid per head.

With a small budget, you can use much of your money to entertain your guests and give them the time of their lives.

Also, since you won’t spend a lot, you can use the money for your honeymoon.

8. Think Of Eloping

Some people get stressed with lacking friends to attend their wedding.

In that case, eloping may be a good idea.

Don’t feel pressured by anyone to have a large wedding if it’s not what you want.

Eloping helps you focus on the love for each other.

9. Have A Court Wedding

If eloping doesn’t sound ideal, think of doing a courthouse wedding.

That way, you can share the special moment with your spouse and reduce your wedding anxieties.

Choose a courthouse/city hall and find out what requirements are needed for this wedding, depending on your state, then make an appointment.

Will The Lack of Bridesmaids Feel Different?

Yes. It will, but it doesn’t have to be in a bad way.

Remember, we are used to weddings with bridesmaids.

So when someone does the contrary, it’s normal that it feels different.

However, you can do a successful wedding without the bridesmaids. You just have to prepare for some adjustments.

For instance, the maid of honor usually holds the bouquet.

But if you don’t have one, assign this duty to someone sitting in the front row.

But let them know early. Also, expect your procession to take a short time without the bridesmaid.

That means you will meet your fiancé sooner, which means you have to adjust your song accordingly.


Your wedding day  don’t require a lot of friends.

You just have to plan for a wedding without them and decide who participates in what.

The lack of many friends allows for a small intimate celebration that will remain special to you and your loved ones.