Is It Rude to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Lose Weight Before the Wedding? (DON’T DO IT)

In the past, being a bridesmaid was straightforward. You only needed to be there for the bride to discuss venues, color schemes and other planning details.

But things have changed these days, and it has become complicated. Brides nowadays ask their maids to lose weight. But is it okay?

So, Is It Rude to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Lose Weight Before the Wedding?

Short Answer – Yes. It is rude to ask someone to lose weight to look for a specific way for your wedding. You already knew she was big before choosing her to be your maid. Therefore, asking her to lose it now is ridiculous.

If you have a problem with one’s weight, don’t ask them to be at your wedding in the first place. Remember that weight is a sensitive issue. So, be wise when addressing it.

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Why Do Some Brides Ask Their Maids to Lose Weight?

The only reason a bride would ask her maids to lose weight is for the pictures to look “good”.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has influenced how we see bridesmaids.

Some people think the bridesmaid has to look a certain way for a photo to be worthy. As such, they don’t feel comfortable with a maid of a certain weight.

In that case, they may request them to lose the extra pounds. Some even dictate how many pounds the maid should lose and suggest the diet and exercises to follow.

Is There a Reasonable Method to Ask Your Maids to Lose Weight?

No. As mentioned earlier, weight is a sensitive topic that should be cautiously approached.

Your bridesmaid may already be struggling with her weight, and she’s trying everything to lose it.

So, mentioning it to her may come out as rude.

Some people are comfortable with their appearance and have worked hard to build self-confidence in it.

Therefore, telling them to lose weight may take this confidence away.

You don’t want someone to be at your wedding thinking they are not good-looking enough, do you?

Six Ways To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

A wedding is a perfect chance to gather your closest relatives and friends to form your bridal party.

But, although being a bridesmaid is exciting, it is time-consuming and expensive.

It’s normal to hear the bridesmaids complaining no matter how much love they have for the bride. Sometimes, the friendships even end before the actual wedding happens.

Thankfully, you can avoid this and be a good friend to your bridesmaids. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Respect Their Private Life

The harsh truth is that your friends don’t have to ignore other aspects of their lives because you’ve picked them as your bridesmaids.

Consider your schedules when asking them to attend your wedding planning event.

For instance, don’t schedule something on a specific day and time, knowing it will be a hassle to be there.

Ask them which days they can leave work early or duck off college. Also, be mindful of your tone when requesting them to do something.

2. Consider Their Budgets

If you earn a huge salary and can afford to do anything you want easily, well and good.

But you have to remember the situation is different for everyone.

Maybe your bridesmaids don’t make plenty of money, and if they do, they may have too many responsibilities.

Finances can make a situation dicey. So, when deciding on the dresses and other expenses, be sure they can afford them.

3. Allow Them To Pick Their Dresses

Uniformity is so overrated these days. Let your bridesmaids choose a style that works for them depending on their body type and preferences.

Remember that self-confidence reduces when wearing a dress you don’t like.

So why make your maids wear a dress they don’t feel beautiful in?

Additionally, by picking their dress, they’ll most likely make a selection that’s in their budget.

That way, they won’t spend on a dress they don’t like. Yes, it is your day, but these are your friends, and they deserve to feel confident and beautiful as they support you.

4. Feed Them

Please note water here represents all drinks your girls can drink, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

You don’t want your ladies to look sloppy and tired when arriving at the wedding ceremony,

So ensure there is enough food and drinks to have from the moment they start preparing themselves throughout the entire day.

But in the morning, offering fruit juices and other healthy options is better. You also don’t want them to be drunk before the wedding ceremony.

5. Talk To Them About Your Expectations

Many brides assume their ladies know what being a bridesmaid requires.

But while they may have a clue, it is wise to go through the details with them.

Agree on who will order their dresses, whether they will be ordered together or each person to get their own.

Also, inform them early if you want them to help assemble the programs. And ensure they are aware of big events like the bridal shower to avoid conflicts.

6. Appreciate Them

Bridesmaids do a lot of work to ensure the bride has a fantastic day. As such, you need to appreciate them.

Some brides buy their maids small gifts to show them their gratitude.

But if the budget doesn’t allow it, think of sending them a card with a note.

If you want to gift them, you can buy jewelry they will wear at your wedding.

But, buy different pieces to make their outfits unique and ones they would love to wear even after the wedding.

You can also gift them a service or experience. For instance, you can pay for a spa day for them.




If you are uncomfortable with how a person looks, don’t ask them to be apart of your wedding.

Otherwise, adjust your idea of what defines beauty and accept them the way they are.