Can Weddings Be on a Monday? (FIVE REASONS)

Choosing a day to get married can seem like a daunting process.

Many of us are used to having a wedding on a weekday.

But today, things are changing, and some couples love the idea of saying their vows on a weekday. But is Monday a good day?

So, Can Weddings Be on a Monday?

Yes, you can plan your wedding on a Monday. A Monday wedding is especially suitable for those trying to escape a huge budget. But how much you will spend varies depending on the venue. All in all, you can have your big day on a Monday and still have fun. Just remember that many government holidays tend to be on Mondays, which may cause scheduling issues and conflicts.

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Five Reasons To Get Married On Monday

As mentioned earlier, getting married on a weekday offers various benefits.

If you are still debating whether to get married on Monday or not, here are some advantages that can motivate you.

1. Pricing

Did you know you can have the same wedding you’d have on a weekend on a Monday at nearly half the price?

The main reason people choose a weekday wedding is affordability.

Most venues charge highly during the weekend as it is their busiest day. As such, couples on a tight budget often find it hard to get the venue of their dreams.

But, if you decide to wed on a weekday, you could afford the venue without struggling.

Bear in mind that the wedding venue takes much of your money.

If you can save on this sector, you can have enough money for other things like more flowers, unique entertainment, high-end vendors, etc.

Also, note that some vendors charge lower prices during weekdays than at weekends. So, you can book that DJ, caterer, or photographer you have been following for a while.

2. Flexibility

If your wedding is set in high season, you may have trouble finding a great venue during the weekend since most of them are already booked.

But if you choose to marry on a Monday, you will have various venues to accommodate you.

The same thing applies to the vendors.

Since most are booked on weekends, you won’t have many choices if you decide to get married on the weekend. In most cases, you will be forced to settle for someone less.

But why go for less when you can get what and who you want during the week?

3. Guest Count

Weekend weddings are usually filled with guests available to celebrate with the couple.

While this is good, it may not be if you desire an intimate wedding. Additionally, some wedding venues will require a guest minimum on weekends and waive this rule during weekdays.

If you want only a few people to attend your wedding at your dream venue, getting married on a Monday might be suitable for you.

4. Other Benefits

Besides the above three, there are various other reasons to get married on a Monday.

For instance, you will celebrate your marriage the entire week/weekend.

Couples often feel their wedding day goes off quickly. So if it is on the weekend, you may not feel like you have enjoyed it enough.

But if you choose a Monday wedding, you can start by having your rehearsal dinner on Sunday, then take a trip to a fancy destination on Tuesday with your loved one(s) and enjoy up to the weekend.

5. Travel

Another benefit is you save on the travel cost.

Hotels and plane tickets are usually more expensive on weekends than on weekdays. Traveling on Monday will be cheaper for your guests, and they won’t feel rushed.

They will have the whole weekend to plan their trip, and most won’t be worried about work.

Remember that most employees are okay with employers taking an off during the start of the week than at the end when they are the busiest.

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Challenges of a Monday Wedding

Couples’ main concern when choosing a weekday wedding is that most guests won’t show up or have a good time.

But that is not true, especially if you choose a Monday during a popular time on the calendar.

They may already have a Saturday invitation to another wedding during the spring or fail, and they probably would not have attended yours if it was on the same day.

Book fantastic vendors if you want your guests to have a wonderful time.

If the DJ/band is entertaining, there wouldn’t be a reason for your guests not to dance.

Additionally, ensure you choose a great venue with delicious food and an excellent bar selection.

You can also plan a multi-day celebration. Not everyone will make it each day, but you will definitely have people present during the wedding day.

If you are worried about your guests’ work schedule, think of doing your wedding later, like in the afternoon.

That way, they can go to work in the morning and attend the wedding later.

It is also wise to end the celebration by 10 PM to allow the guests to go back home and rest. Then, plan a big celebration with your guests the following weekend.

Three Things to Consider When Planning a Monday Wedding

Since Monday weddings are rare, you need to keep in mind certain things. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. These include:

1. Give Guests Enough Time To Plan

Hosting a hometown wedding is easy as many guests won’t need to travel.

But, if you are doing a destination wedding or the majority of people in your invite list come from part, you need to notify them early so they can plan on traveling.

2. Prepare For Regrets

Some guests may not make it on a Monday because of work.

So, don’t worry when many people are RSVPing no to your invitation. So long as your closest loved ones are present, you should be good. You may even find a smaller wedding suitable for you.

3. Plan For More Events During The Weekend

Since you have the entire weekend to yourself, think of unique activities that you can do.

This is important, especially if you have guests that will be arriving from out of town.

Remember that most of them will arrive on the weekend and be delighted to enjoy several activities before your wedding day.

Besides the rehearsal dinner,  a scavenger hunt, an afterparty, happy hour, etc.