Should You Get Married on Your Birthday? (THREE PROS, THREE CONS)

Planning a wedding is a huge responsibility.

On top of choosing a perfect venue, what to wear and what your guests will eat, you also will choose a wedding date.

If your birthday is rapidly approaching, it’s only right to  be tempted to settle for this special date.

But is it a good idea?

So, Should You Get Married on Your Birthday?

If you don’t usually celebrate your birthday, getting married on this day can be a great idea. Some people don’t love birthday celebrations and don’t plan for one. If you are in this group, having a birthday wedding can take the attention.

However, it’s worth noting that some cultures discourage getting married on your birthday. That is because they associate it with bad luck in love. In fact, some will go to the extent of warning people against marrying someone they share a birthday month with as it means a stormy marriage.

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Pros and Cons of Getting Married on Your Birthday

Combining your birthday and wedding celebrations offer various benefits but also has some drawbacks. Let’s look at the pros and cons of getting married on your birthday.

Pro #1: It is a Double Reason to Celebrate

Combining your wedding and birthday is an excuse for conducting extravagant celebrations every year.

Since you’ll want to celebrate your anniversary too, you will want to plan for something big.

That includes overseas trips and expensive treats you cannot expect any other time.

You will be sure to get more pampering and excellent treatment than you would otherwise.

Con #1: You’ll Get One Gift

Both birthdays and weddings are a chance for people to gift you. But if you are a gift lover, you may feel disappointed that people will only give you one gift on this day.

And that is understandable because the events have been combined into one.

After that, some people will be willing to buy a birthday and anniversary gift for you for the first years.

But with time, that motivation will wear out since the two celebrations are on the same day.

This can be an issue for those who love to do multi day birthday celebrations.

Pro #2 : Big Party

You are celebrating two important events in your life on the same day.

Therefore, you have a justified reason to spend dollars on a party.

So, you can choose a stunning venue and the best foods and drinks to celebrate with your friends and family.

If you are worried that the focus will be more on your anniversary than your birthday, you can opt to buy a small cake just for you to cut and decorate it with candles and the colors you like.

Con #2: Limit Your Celebration to One Season

Having your birthday and wedding on one day means you will only celebrate in one season.

For instance, if your birthday falls in winter and you get married during this time, you may not enjoy a summer holiday on your anniversary.

Pro #3: Your Birthday Won’t Be Forgotten

Your spouse is unlikely to forget your birthday as it falls on your anniversary.

Therefore, they won’t need to keep track as this will be a permanent reminder. In that case, you can always expect them to celebrate you, even in a small way.

Con #3: Your Wedding Might Overshadow Your Birthday

On the big day, your visitors will focus on the wedding, not the birthday festivities. Therefore, you will have to sacrifice your birthday wishes.

Remember that a wedding is a celebration of the union between a couple.

Therefore, there may be no balance when you throw a birthday in the mix.

But your loved ones may show you more birthday love than anniversary attention in the following years. Please make sure you are comfortable with these scenarios before you begin to plan.

How to Acknowledge Both Occasions

The biggest advantage of a birthday wedding is that you’ll celebrate this special day with your loved ones.

If you love the attention of birthdays, there are plenty of ways to incorporate traditions into the reception.

You can request your guests or the band to sing for you ‘happy birthday’ once done with the reception.

You can also serve cupcakes and champagne in the bridal suite as you prepare for your big day.

Alternatively, you can wait until you cut the wedding cake to bring out a birthday cake with a candle and blow it with your spouse.

Then follow that with a birthday wish instead of a toast.

Three Ways To Choose Your Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date after an engagement can be tricky. But it’s crucial to consider how long you will need to plan your wedding.

Generally, you need to give yourself enough time to plan your venues and other crucial things. Here are some things to help you choose a wedding date.

1. Consider Symbolic Dates

Would it be romantic to marry your loved one on your first date’s anniversary?

Or the day you became officially engaged? Or your grandparent’s wedding date?

Some cultures consider traditional methods when deciding the date. For instance,

Japanese families look at an astrology calendar, to help them pick a propitious day.

But bear in mind that your symbolic date could fall on a Monday, and the venue you’re considering may be fully booked on that day. In that case, choose a closer date to this.

2. Decide on a Season

Choosing a season before a date is a wise choice.

But, you also need to consider things like the climate.

If you are doing an outdoor wedding, you will want to choose a season with clear skies and mild weather.

The climate affects your style, location and even mood.

A summer wedding will suit those who love sun-dappled settings and tropical cocktails.

On the other hand, consider a winter wedding if you love snowfalls, opulence and holiday sparkle.

3. Think About Peak and Off Peak Dates

Your budget will guide you on the right date to choose. Most weddings happen between May and October.

So this can be considered a high season where prices are incredibly high because of the demand. You will have to compete with other couples for the venue, florists, and vendors.

If your budget is limited, choose an off season date.

Many places and businesses give a discount during this season, and you will have a variety to compare.

Saturdays are when most weddings happen.

So many places will charge you a lot of money. But you can pick another day and enjoy the discounts many places offer.

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Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with combining your wedding and birthday celebration.

In fact, it is a good idea for people who hate the attention that comes with birthdays.

But, it’s essential you keep in mind that doing that also comes with some cons. Therefore, weigh the perks and drawbacks when deciding the right step.