Are Friday Weddings Better Than Sunday Weddings?

Once the engagement energy cools off, the couple starts planning their wedding.

Now, this is the challenging part since you want everything to be executed perfectly on your wedding day.

After you’ve set your budget, you start exploring the venues and wedding dates. So which day should you pick?

So, Are Friday Weddings Better Than Sunday Weddings?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Both Friday and Sunday weddings have their pros and cons. So, it is best you weigh them out before deciding. For instance, a wedding will give you more time to set up for your wedding. It is unlikely you will get a lot of competition as you would with a Sunday wedding. However, a wedding on a Friday means that most guests will not attend it due to various commitments.

On the other hand, a wedding on a Sunday will allow you to spend more time with guests that come out of town. Most of them will likely make it to your wedding and have the full weekend to themselves. However, some guests, especially those that stay in town won’t loosen up and enjoy the day as much since they have to work the next day.

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Why Have a Wedding on Friday?

A Friday wedding is a great way to end the week and start the weekend.

It will allow the couple and their guests to have fun to the fullest since they will have the whole weekend to recover before getting to work on Monday.

It is also a good idea since you will take your guests’ evening instead of their days.

Most weddings happening on Friday usually start after the working hours, that is, around 5 or 6 pm.

And the wedding will most likely take 5 hours compared to weddings on other days that happen for more than 8 hours which takes the guests’ entire day.

Also, a Friday wedding gives you more time to set up unlike a weekend wedding.

One, the competition will be less and most likely you won’t be sharing your space with anyone like on weekends.

As such, you’ll have time to prepare and set up the venue to what you like.

Most places will even let you start setting up on Thursday since they don’t have another event planned for the day. so, you will be less stressed and have more time to enjoy your big day.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Your Wedding on Friday?

The challenge with having your wedding on Friday is that some guests will miss the ceremony or might come to it late.

Remember that your guest will have to leave work first before they start preparing for your wedding.

Some may feel fatigued as they’ve been working throughout the week and want to rest.

And those who will come might not make it on time as they have to finish their daily tasks or might even get stuck in traffic.

You need to be okay with some of your guests missing key moments like your first dance, cutting cake or saying your vows.

Additionally, you may be asking too much for people coming out of town.

If you invite them for your rehearsal dinner, they may have to work half day or not work the entire Thursday to attend and even on Friday they will have to miss their work.

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Why Have a Sunday Wedding?

Sunday weddings give you more time to spend with guests coming out of time.

Truth is most people will not want to see you until after the wedding.

That is why they leave once it is over. But a Sunday wedding means you will spend the entire weekend with your loved ones from out of town as most will come on Saturday or even Friday evening.

Again, a wedding on Sunday can end early and allow the guests to go and rest.

At some point during the night, you will want to leave the dancefloor and start your honeymoon.

Chances are you won’t party the entire night. Most Sunday weddings end up around 10 pm, which allows guests to go back and prepare for Monday or continue with the after party if they like.

Additionally, you will have time to enjoy your big day and the weekend.

You will have at least 2 full weekend days to spend with your better half. You can use this time to create more memories and have fun.

Cons of Having a Sunday Wedding

Most guests will not let loose and enjoy themselves too much as they would love to since many will be returning to work the next day.

Also, most will have to leave the reception early to prepare for the week ahead. So, they may not be present during special moments.

But it is okay. You can enjoy them with the guests that will be present.

Four Benefits of Having a Wedding on Friday OR Sunday

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of having a wedding on Friday and on Sunday. So either day you choose, you have to consider them. Now, let us look at why you should have your wedding on any of these days.

1. More Venues Are Available

Friday and Sundays aren’t popular days for weddings, which means many wedding venues are available.

If there is a location you have been desiring, high chances are that it may not be booked on Friday or Sundays.

2. More Top Vendors Available

Besides a wedding venue, a Friday or Sunday wedding allows you to choose from top vendors.

Note that most of them are usually booked for Saturday weddings, but are free during the rest of the week.

So, you can get the services of a certain florist, photographer or caterer you’ve been eyeing.

3. Saves You Money

The more the demand, the higher the charges. But since most venues and vendors are not booked on these days, they usually offer reduced pricing for their services. It is better to offer the venue or the service at a reduced price rather than not being booked the entire day.

4. More Time To Celebrate

If your wedding is on Saturday, it means that you will prepare on Friday and recover on Sunday.

But if it is on Friday, you will have the whole week to prepare and enjoy the celebration for the entire weekend.

If it is on Sunday, you can have small celebrations beginning on Friday as you await your big day. Doing your wedding on these days allow you to make the most of the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Friday weddings may be better or not better than Sunday weddings depending on how you look at things.

But either days have their pros and cons. Therefore, ensure you’re comfortable with a day before making up your mind.