Should You Attend a Wedding and Sporting Event on the Same Day?

As wedding guests, there are several decisions you have to make like the couple.

Among them is whether your schedule is free during the wedding date.

Remember, although you’ve been honored to get an invitation, your attendance is of much honor.

So, Should You Attend a Wedding and Sporting Event on the Same Day?

That depends. If the couple is close to you, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of witnessing their vows exchange. But if that’s not the case., you don’t have to feel compelled to attend the wedding. 

Sports lovers know how thrilling watching a game is.

For this reason, weighing between attending a wedding and a sporting event can seem daunting. It is why some people decide to go to both.

If you are close to the couple and don’t want to miss their big day, you can decide to attend either the wedding ceremony or the reception and go to your sporting event, depending on the time it is scheduled.

However, you can choose your sporting event if the couple isn’t that close.

What Should You Do If You Plan to Attend Both Events?

It’s possible to attend both events on the same day.

But, if you plan to do so, let the couple know which part of their wedding you will attend.

For instance, if you will only make it to the ceremony, let them know this early so they don’t spend on someone who won’t come.

And if you are only going to the reception, inform them that you will miss the wedding ceremony.

It is poor taste not to communicate your intentions early on.

Remember, the couple also spends on their guests. So failing to attend without informing them, especially the reception, is rude.

Also, you need to plan how you will execute both events.

Bear in mind sporting wear isn’t formal wear. So you can’t wear your wedding dress outfit to a wedding and vice versa.

You will therefore need a change of attire at some point. If you will attend the sports event first, carry your wedding attire in your bag to change into later.

You may also need to carry some grooming items as you don’t want to go to a wedding smelling sweat.

Lastly, be observant of time. Both weddings and sports are fun events.

As such, it is easy to get carried along and forget to attend the other. Know when the events will start to plan your time.

You don’t want to come to a wedding late, and while your sporting event isn’t that official, you also don’t want to miss special moments.

Seven Ways To Be a Great Wedding Guest

Although getting invited to a wedding is an honor, it is not easy to be a good guest. Luckily, being a good guest doesn’t mean you buy expensive gifts and outfits.

It just means you have common courtesy and some thoughtfulness. Wondering how you can make a good wedding guest? Here are some tips for you:

1. RSVP on Time

Send your RSVP response as soon as possible and ensure you respond the way the couple wants.

If they are using paper, send your RSVP in and if they have a website, ensure you use it. They’ve designed things this way to help keep track.

Therefore, it is easier for them if you respond that way instead of sending a text or Facebook messenger.

2. Arrive on Time

Many guests assume that the bride will be late. So they tend to come in late.

However, it’s rude to arrive at the venue when guests are already seated or during special moments like when the bride is entrancing.

You should arrive at least a half hour before the ceremony’s scheduled time.

That way, you can enjoy pre-wedding activities before the ceremony starts.

3. Observe Plus One Invitation Etiquette

Before you RSVP, please ensure you read and understand the information.

You don’t want to bring a plus one to the wedding when they are not invited. So check whether the wording notes your name “and guests.”

Some people believe they can add their partners to the wedding list without talking to the couple, which is rude.

Only those on the invitation have been invited formally.

4. Mix and Mingle with Other Guests

The only way you can meet new people is to interact with other guests at the party.

Don’t sit in one position the whole time.

You are there to have fun. If you are single, you can walk up to other singles and start a conversation.

5. Dress to Impress

We understand that you love wearing jeans and your favorite t-shirt on weekends. But a wedding is not the appropriate occasion to wear them.

Most couples indicate the dress code on the invitation. So pay close attention to that. Be smart and presentable so that you don’t look odd in front of other guests.

6. Consider the Photographers

We understand that you want to snap your photos during the wedding.

But be considerate of the photographers and videographers hired for this task. The couple already has them to capture professional pictures during their big day.

They don’t want people standing up with their phones on the aisle. We are not against taking photos but be subtle about it.

7. Have a Wedding Gift

A wedding gift is not mandatory, but it is a nice gesture. Look at the couple’s registry and pick something you can afford.

Then buy it and mail it to them or carry it to the reception. But if your finances don’t allow it, don’t decline the invitation.

Instead, be creative with your gifting. You can offer your services, experiences, or a thoughtful DIY gift.


You can go to a wedding and a sporting event on the same day.

What’s important is to know the timing of each event and plan how you will be present at each.

Besides that, follow our above tips to ensure you have a great time at the wedding and make the couple feel honored.

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