Should You Attend Multiple Weddings on the Same Weekend?

Getting a wedding invitation is such a great honor. Most of us, if not all, love going to weddings.

For many people, it is a chance to dress up and enjoy a great party while witnessing their loved ones make their vows.

But what happens if you’re invited to multiple weddings on the same weekend?

So, Should You Attend Multiple Weddings on the Same Weekend?

Whether or not you should attend is entirely your decision. But that will be influenced by location, time, and money.

If the weddings are in the same city or town, it’s possible to go to all. The only drawback is that you may be tired, and your feet will be hurting on Monday. But it is possible to celebrate with couples on the same weekend.

The same reasoning applies to money. If the weddings are within driving distance, you can easily drive to all. But if you are driving long distances and your budget is tight, it may be impossible to attend all the weddings.

For instance, if you stay in Chicago and your friend has a wedding in this state and another in Mexico, attending both might be tricky, especially when you don’t have the money for a plane ticket.

Another thing is how much time you have to make it to the weddings.

Flying from Chicago to Mexico takes time, and weddings generally end late. So, it can be tricky to finish a Chicago wedding to attend the one in Mexico if there isn’t enough time in between.

Your best chance will be if there is a day between the weddings. For instance, one happens on Friday morning and another on Sunday afternoon.

But even then, you may not make it to both if you have some commitments.

For example, if you’re in the wedding party, you need to give the bride and the groom your full attention.

That means attending all the pre and post-wedding events. You can talk to the bride or the groom, depending on the position you play, to see if they are okay with you missing their event.

Five Things To Do When You Have Multiple Weddings During the Same Weekend?

The chances of your friends or loved ones planning their wedding on the same weekend are rare.

But not nil. If you’ve been invited to more than one wedding on the same weekend, here is what to do:

1. Be Honest with the Couples

The first step is to call all the parties involved and explain the situation.

You should be upfront from the word go so they don’t expect you when you might not make it.

Tell them there is a possibility you won’t be available for the entire weekend for their celebration. Don’t feel guilty since you didn’t decide the dates for the couples.

But at the same time, don’t lie.

2. Attend All the Weddings to Some Capacity

Lucky are you if the weddings are happening in the same city, state, or region. That allows you to make it to all if you want.

But since you cannot be fully present, plan on attending different sessions.

For instance, if one person has their wedding on Saturday and another on Sunday, you can attend the ceremony and part of the reception for the one on Saturday and do the same for the one on Sunday if time allows.

But if the weddings are on the same day as the weekend, that can be tricky but not impossible.

Just attend the ceremony of one and the reception of another. Usually, you should attend the reception of the person you are close to.

3. Choose the Wedding to Attend Carefully

Sometimes, the odds may not be on your side, forcing you to choose one and leave the rest.

If that is the case, be smart and wise with your decision.

Of course, if you are in the wedding party at one of the weddings, your priority should be on that.

If you are just a guest at all weddings, you may be sadly forced to weigh out friendships.

When deciding which wedding to go to, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you close to?
  • Who do you talk to, in person and on the phone, more?
  • Who have you known the longest?

Your relationship with the couple will influence your decision. For instance, if your sister and friend are wedding the same weekend, going by these parameters, you should pick your sister’s wedding.

However, avoid sharing your decision-making with either couple, as one is bound to get hurt.

4. Buy a Gift for all the Couples

Whether you attend the wedding or not, it is wise to buy a gift for all the couples getting married.

The gift will represent you for the wedding you will be absent from. And for the one you will be present, it will be an excellent accompaniment.

If you have multiple weddings, gifting can be costly. However, you don’t have to go overboard. A simple gift will suffice.

At the same time, it is worth thinking of ways you can make up to the couple you missed their wedding.

You can buy them tickets to a movie night, book them a spot in a fancy restaurant, go hiking with them, or even plan a vacation if you can afford one.

It is also paramount that you attend the pre-wedding events so that your presence will be felt.

For instance, you can go to bridal showers, engagement parties, or rehearsal dinners.

That way, your absence won’t be that significant even if you miss the big day.

5. Split it Up

If you are married or dating, think of dividing the weddings between you two.

It may not feel like a wise choice, but both couples will appreciate how willing you are to support them on their big day.

For instance, your fiancé can go to your friend’s wedding, and you can attend your sister’s.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to attend multiple weddings on the same weekend, but that will depend on the time and location of the wedding and your budget.

For instance, if one is a destination wedding and another is in town, attending both may be tricky because of the timing.

If you decide to miss one event, think of how close you are close to when deciding.

Additionally, think of how you can make it up to the other couple that you won’t be attending their wedding.

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