Do You Have to Send Wedding Invitations to Your Parents?

Planning a wedding can be stressful, considering the many details to take care of.

It is usually advisable to have a timeline to ensure that every detail is taken care of timely.

An important detail to take care of is the wedding invitation. Read on for some tips on this area.

So, Do You Have to Send Wedding Invitations to Your Parents?

You don’t have to. But you should. Even when you are working closely with them, and they know about all the details, sending them a wedding invitation is not redundant. Note that they still would want to remember the day even though they know the day’s scoop. Therefore, an invitation is a lovely gesture, although they don’t need one. Some couples even send themselves an invite so that they have the card stamped on their scrapbooks.

When Should You Send Your Invitation?

You shouldn’t send your invitation too early or too late. Usually, the invitations should be out at least two months before the wedding ceremony.

This timeline allows your guests to RSVP and clear their schedules to be present on your day.

But, if you’re doing a destination wedding, you need to allow more time for your guests. So send your invitation three months before the wedding.

It is common to send save-the-date cards so the guests can mark the calendar.

If you’ll send this, ensure you mail them at least six to eight months before the wedding. You can even mail them a year in advance if all the details are ready.

At the same time, give your guests at least two or three weeks before your wedding to RSVP. That should give you enough time to know the headcount and communicate to the caterer a week before. It will also let you finalize the seating.

If it is past the RSVP date and some guests haven’t responded, call them and remind them to RSVP.

Please don’t feel like it is too much work. Some people genuinely forget to reply. So, don’t take it to heart.

Wording for Dress Code on the Invitation

Wording your specific requests on the invitation card can be difficult.

But it doesn’t have to.

If you want your guests to dress in a certain way, there are various ways to state that.

But what’s crucial is to remember to write this request at the bottom of the invitation, or you can invest in a separate details card.

High chances are your guests will appreciate the head-ups. You can indicate “dress casual”, “wear a black tie,” “cocktail outfit”, or any other you want.

Make sure you give your guests a clue about the invitation card design.

For instance, a card with bright colors and different fonts indicates a formal style, but a card with calligraphy and letterpress tells the guests the event is formal.

Alternatively, you can put this information on our website. Then, direct your guests to the invitation card to check it out.

Can Some Information Go to The Back of the Wedding Invitation?

Having all the details on the front of the wedding card is better. If they don’t fit, consider writing the information on a different card instead of writing it on the back of the main card.

Most people don’t read the back of these cards. Therefore, some guests could miss important information if you include it in the back.

It is also important not to overcrowd your invitation with many details on the front or the back. That will steal the beauty of the card’s design.

Not to mention, it will be overwhelming for your guests. Aim for a clean and more organized look. But this doesn’t mean you cannot make good use of the space on your invitation card.

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Should Your Registry Be on the Invitation Card?

No. Save the date and registry information shouldn’t be included on the invitation. So it can come off as rude if you include this information on yours.

Some guests may think you are directly asking them for gifts.

Therefore, opt for other ways to inform your guests about your wish list. For instance, you can place the details on your website and include links from the places you have registered.

But if you won’t have a wedding website, including this information on your bridal shower invites is okay.

Alternatively, you can rely on family and wedding party members to spread the news using word of mouth.

Your parents and bridesmaids should inform close friends about the registry without breaking the wedding etiquette rules.

Four Mistakes to Avoid in Your Invitation Etiquette

1. Not Indicating The RSVP date

Remember to indicate the date when invites are to RSVP to your invitation.

Give your guests two or three weeks before the wedding to RSVP.

That will give you time to know the final headcount and inform the caterer. At the same time, let them know how they are supposed to RSVP.

2. Sending Your Invitation Late

As mentioned, you should send the invitation at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding date if it is a non-destination wedding.

That would allow your guests enough time to prepare and RSVP. But if you’re having a destination wedding, send it three months before to allow your guests enough time to shop for their travel.

3. Leaving Out The Necessary Information

Your guests need to be well informed about the time, date, and venue of your ceremony, among other things.

If your reception will occur in a different location, indicate this on the card or print a separate reception card.

If it will happen in the same venue, write “reception to follow” so your guests know they won’t go to anyone else after the ceremony.

4. Indicating The Wrong Start Time

Some people think it is wise to indicate an early start time to allow the guest to be present when the wedding starts. However, you should consider this thought.

Guests these days love showing up on time.

So if you’re planning your wedding to begin at 5 pm, your guests will start arriving as early as 4: 30 to 4: 45 pm. In that case, ensure you don’t walk down the aisle past 5.15 pm.

Final Thoughts

While it is not mandatory, it is a nice gesture to send an invitation to your parents.

Yes, they may be involved in all aspects of planning the wedding, so they know the date.

But, still receiving an invitation card from the couple is a nice way of reminding them they are invited to the wedding. Plus, they may want to keep the card as a reminder of your wedding.