Can You Put BYOB on Wedding Invitations? (FIVE CONSIDERATIONS)

You may want things to be perfect and your guests to have a blast, but your finances may not allow this.

However, there are a few ways to reduce costs.

One such method is going the BYOB route.

So, Can You Put BYOB on Wedding Invitations?

The answer is Yes. That is the simplest way to inform your guests of this request. Some people come to the wedding expecting that everything will be provided. Well, most couples offer everything if their budget allows it. However, if you are not going to supply booze, your guests will need to know this beforehand. Including a BYOB request in your invitation is a polite way of informing people that they’ll contribute to their drinks.

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How Do You Say BYOB Politely?

When wording this, be straight and clear. Some people try to be cute but often confuse their guests.

Also, you can incorporate some humor so as not to sound tacky or gift grabby.

It is again vital to inform the guests what you will be providing and welcome them to bring other drinks they prefer.

For instance, at the bottom of the invite, you can write,

“We will be providing sodas, lemonade, ice tea and beer. Please feel free to bring your favorite booze and dancing shoes.”

What’s important is to be honest, and upfront about it. But if you are going for a formal style, say something like

“Limited bar available”

That would be a heads-up for your guests to carry their drinks.

Five Things to Consider Before Requesting BYOB

Although asking your guests to bring their own booze will help save some money and make the party lively, you need to have certain things in mind before making this request.

These include;

1. Your Wedding Venue May Not Allow it

Some venues do not allow food and drinks from outside.

So before putting this request in the invitation, find out from your wedding venue whether it is permitted.

You don’t want your guests to carry their drinks only to be stopped at the entrance.

Also, note that there may be laws and liabilities to consider. Therefore, ensure you know them.

2. Some Guests May Not Love the Concept

For some guests, any request to bring everything to the wedding other than themselves is impolite.

Some of your guests may take this request as offensive and gift grabby.

Some individuals may also see BYOB turning the wedding into an informal party.

If you go this route, you’re bound to upset some people.  Preparing for the blowback is wise.

3. Some Guests May Go Overboard

Believe it or not, bartenders help control the crowd and cut off over drinkers.

But since everyone will be carrying their drinks, there is a high chance some people may go overboard.

While you want your guests to enjoy themselves, you don’t want them to overdo it.

But this might be impossible without anyone to control the drink. So be prepared to have some people blacking out.

But some venues can allow you to hire your bartender or provide you with one at a cost. Consider this if you can afford one.

4. Share Details on Your Wedding Website

You cannot include every information about this on your wedding invitation.

Just give your guest a hint that they will bring their booze.

For more details, please direct them to your wedding website.

Here, you can provide all the details of what is expected from your guests.

Please remember to include your wedding website’s link on your card.

5. BYOB Benefits

The main advantage of asking your guests to bring their booze is it will be a huge cost saving.

Most venues overprice their drinks.

You could find the same bottle of wine going for a cheaper price outside. So bringing drinks from outside saves you and your guests.

As a result, you can have more or enough, making your party great.

Four Ways To Host an Alcohol-Free Wedding Reception

Although alcohol adds fun and partying to a wedding, it is not necessary. If you don’t want to serve alcohol and don’t want guests to bring their drinks, consider a dry wedding.

Here are some tips for hosting a wedding reception without booze.

1. Plan Events and Various Games

Many people use alcohol as a form of passive entertainment. It is what they run to so that they can have fun easily without being self-conscious.

People use it as an icebreaker to talk to strangers at parties.

Since you won’t serve alcohol, you should think of another way your guests can ice break and start talking.

Give your guests active entertainment in games. Events like cake cutting, first dances, and toasting are common at weddings.

But as there won’t be alcohol, people will have many downtimes. So, give them something to do at such moments.

Include more events and games, so your guests don’t get bored. You can plan bingo, limbo contests, giveaways, ring toss, etc.

What’s important is giving your guests something that takes their minds off drinking.

2. Choose a Unique Venue

Many great places don’t allow consuming alcohol. Choosing such locations will simplify things for you. Plus, they may be cost-effective.

Doing your wedding around these facilities will help everything to flow together.

3. Serve Lots of Interesting Non Alcoholic Drinks

Compensate for the lack of alcohol by serving impressive refreshments.

Here, you will have to be creative to keep your guests entertained.

For instance, instead of serving plain water, serve berry-infused water. Think of the unique additions that will keep your guests engaged and happy.

Your mocktails should reflect you as a couple.

Also, think of eye-catching displays for your drinks to keep your guests yearning. Besides mocktails, you can serve soda, tea, smoothies, milkshakes, and non-alcoholic wines.

4. Go Out on the Food and Entertainment

Not having an open bar saves you lots of money. Some people may think you are trying to be cheap by running a dry wedding.

Prevent that thought by blowing their minds with other offerings. Give them lots of food, snacks, and diverse options.

Besides the food, hire a DJ or band that plays their favorite tunes the entire time.

That way, you will leave them impressed, and may your day be memorable.

Final Thoughts

You can include a BYOB request on your invitation. But ensure you are smart about it.

Note that some guests may view this request as impolite and gift grabby. Therefore, play with the wording to ensure they don’t get the wrong idea.