What Should You Do with Extra Wedding Invitations?

A lot of  time goes into sending out wedding invitations.

But what happens if you’ve mailed the cards to all your guests and still have more left?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to see your hard-earned cash and effort wasted.

So, What Should You Do with Extra Wedding Invitations?

You can mail to celebs and see if they will come. You can make an invitation diary, scrapbook, or even frame them. There is no definitive way to deal with these leftovers. So, whatever you decide on, go for it.

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Ideas on What to Do with the Extra Invitations

Now that the wedding is over and you have returned from your honeymoon, you have time to sort out the leftovers while reflecting on the memories.

If you had printed a lot more cards than the number of your guests, you might be wondering what to do with them.

Disposing of them is certainly an option.

But are you sure you want to take this route knowing how time and effort-demanding these invitations are? We don’t think so.

Here is what you can do with the excess invitations instead.

A Christmas Ornament

Celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple with an ornament of your wedding invitation.

Get a

  • pair of scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • wedding invitation
  • glitter
  • globe ornament
  • ribbon
  • and a pen for this project.
  1. Then begin by cutting the invitations into quarter inches wide strips.
  2. Wrap them around the pen such that they curl.
  3. Then, place the strips into the globe.
  4. Remember to shake the ornament as you design to create more room for extra paper.
  5. Add the glitter to the bulb, then the top to the globe, and tie the top using a ribbon.


A wedding invitation tray can be an interesting way of commemorating your wedding day.

It can be made using sterling silver or pewter.

Once ready, display it in the kitchen or dining.

You will be reminded of your special day every time you cook or eat.

It can even be displayed in your child’s home in the years to come. Who knows?


Framing the leftover invitation is the most straightforward option.

You can do it yourself or get a professional to do it.

If you choose the latter, you can include a petal from your bouquet to add a special touch.

You can also add some romantic photos to make the frame more beautiful. Once done, hang it in the living room or guest room.


A scrapbook is a valuable way of keeping your invitation cards.

Wedding invitations are designed using high-quality paper and attractive printing.

Therefore, they make excellent content for a scrapbook’s background.

Alternatively, you can add them as separate pages. You can use your invitation as your scrapbook’s cover image.

Keepsake Box

When creating a keepsake box, use both lid sides to preserve special items.

The wedding invitation can be visible from the outside, and other things like reception cards, photos, or maps can go on the lid’s underside to be seen when one opens the box.

A keepsake box is a unique and permanent way to display your wedding day.

Besides that, it is also a great piece of conversation in your home.

Decoupage Plate

Usually, this option is for gifting the parents or new in-laws to remember their special day.

When you take your invitations to be decoupaged, the design team uses them and your envelope lining to create a personalized plate.

The decoupaged plate can be placed in key areas of the house where people can easily see it.

DIY Decorative Craft

Wedding cards have high quality, beautiful colors, and designs. As mentioned, the print is attractive compared to the standard print paper we are used to.

So, instead of letting all these go to waste, you can turn them into a decorative craft to display in your living room. The paper is already attractive enough.

You only need to give it a decorative shape.

You can design your decorative craft from your invitation cards.

For instance, you can cut them into paper strips for your plant or cut and make it into a paper piece that you can hang in your living room.

Five Things to Do Excess Wedding Leftovers

Besides wedding invitations, you may find yourself with many remnants from your special day. If you aren’t sure what to do with them once the wedding is done and dusted, here are some ideas.

1. Rent Those You Can

You can rent almost everything you used on your wedding day, from your gown, centerpieces, etc.

Renting saves you the stress of determining what you will do with the items and also brings some income your way.

You only need to find a company that offers these services.

2. Reuse The Reusables

Before planning a wedding, think of the items you’ll purchase and what you will do with them.

It is best to buy things that can be used in your new home. For instance, you can use mason jars to store flowers or desserts in your home, especially in the kitchen.

Or the alphabet with your initials can also be hung in your home or serve as bookstands for your shelves.

3. Donate Them

If you don’t want to rent or reuse them, consider donating the items to charity.

Homes and hospitals would gladly receive your blooms, provided they are fresh.

You can donate edible goods and your dress to someone who can utilize them.

4. Sell Them

Another alternative is to post the items on wedding forums, stores, or to wedding vendors.

But they will only accept if the items are in good condition.

So, if you plan on selling your used items, ensure you have someone watching over them during the wedding and after to ensure they remain in good condition.

5. Store Them For Another Occasion

Ribbons, tulle, and paper pom-poms can be used on other occasions, not just your wedding.

You can use them at another party, like a baby shower or a birthday party.

Even if they can’t be used, keep them to remember your wedding.

These items hold special meanings to you as you spend many hours, effort, and money on them.

Therefore, looking at them will remind you of your special day.