Is It Rude to Get Married on a Holiday Weekend?

Your budget and availability of guests are some of the main factors that will affect which date you choose for your wedding.

And while it is within your right to settle for any day you want, you should be considerate of your guests.

Is It Rude to Get Married on a Holiday Weekend?

Holiday weddings have become common these days. Some argue that marrying on a holiday weekend is an excellent idea as you get more days to travel instead of using your vacation time to get married. But, others don’t like it because you have to use a free leisure day to do a command performance instead of spending it relaxing in a way you choose.

Well, it might be rude to get married on a holiday weekend. In fact, many people think that holiday weddings should be off-limits. That is because the travel and accommodation expenses are high during these times.

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So, your guests will have to spend more to witness you exchanging your vows.

Additionally, many people begin to plan for their holiday weekend early. So, forcing them to change their plans to attend your wedding may be rude.

Four Pros of Getting Married on a Holiday Weekend

Many people are setting their wedding dates on a holiday weekend, and here is why:

1. Unforgettable

Since you exchanged vows on a special date, it won’t be easy for you or your guests to forget your anniversary.

Any time the holiday weekend approaches, people will always remember your wedding.

2. Most Venues Are Decorated

Depending on the holiday weekend, you may find a venue that is already decorated.

Therefore, you can cut costs in this area. But please note that the decorations may not be what you want.

3. Your Family Is Mostly Together

Most families spend their holiday weekends with their loved ones.

Getting married during this time may be ideal as you already have most of the important guests together anyways.

4. Your Guests

Many people don’t work on holiday weekends. So, they will have plenty of time off to concentrate on your wedding.

However, this is not always a guarantee. Some people don’t get the whole weekend off. So, please confirm with your guests.

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Two Cons of Getting Married on a Holiday Weekend

1. Other Commitments

As earlier said, many people plan for their holiday weekends early. So, they may already have things to do during your chosen weekend.

If you love big weddings, choosing a non-holiday date is wise as most guests will be available.

2. It May Be Expensive

Holidays are an expensive time of the year.

Travel and accommodation are already expensive during these times. So, your guests may be financially drained to buy any gifts.

And you may also have to dig deep to buy food and decorations. Also, most venues are expensive during this time since it’s the peak season. And even vendors charge high prices.

So, it may not be suitable if you are on a budget.

Besides the financial burden, travelling on a holiday weekend might not be fun for many people.

Airports are crowded, hotels are overburdened, and many people that offer services are already booked.

Which Are the Worst Holidays to Get Married on?

1. Christmas

You may think that it’s fun getting married on Christmas.

But frankly, it is the worst pick. It is stressful to plan a holiday during this time when your guests already have commitments.

Not to mention the prices are the highest during this time. On top of that, the inconvenience that comes with congestion everywhere.

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but most people will not come to your wedding, and those who do won’t enjoy it.

2. July 4th

The second worst day to get married. Although the weather is hot and beautiful and your guests can have a wonderful time, you won’t get as many people as you hope to attend your wedding.

Many people already have plans for this weekend.

3. Thanksgiving

It may not work because people hosting Thanksgiving will be already tired from preparing for it. Therefore, some might choose to skip and rest in their homes.

4. Labor Day or Memorial Day

Most families already have plans to be away for the weekend to celebrate the beginning and end of Summer.

Which Holidays Can You Get Married?

1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Marrying on a Monday is not a good idea as some people may want to attend an event that honors Dr King.

However, this is generally an okay weekend for a wedding.

2. President’s Day

If your guests have kids, it may not be ideal since many winter school vacations occur during this holiday.

But if they don’t, they likely won’t mind sacrificing a long winter weekend to attend your wedding unless they love skiing and don’t want to miss it.

3. New Year’s Eve

Most people spend this holiday lying on their couch sipping champagne with their loved ones because they don’t want to spend too much in a bar or don’t want to stay up late at a house party.

Therefore, they will be willing to come to a wedding where the food is free, and there is a party.

Is a Non-Holiday Wedding Better?

A non-holiday wedding is easier for everyone if you are working with logic.

Most people spend their holidays with their family. So, your invites, especially parents, may decline your invitation, especially if you prefer a non-kids wedding.

It may be tricky to get people around during religious holidays since most prioritize obligations and traditions.

For instance, some people view Easter and Yom Kippur as special holidays. So, they may not be willing to shift their focus from these holidays to your wedding as it may be considered sacrilege.

But besides little attendance, holidays come with increased prices on travel, accommodation, food and almost everything else.

You may not get a discount from your ideal venue. In the worst case, it may not be available because of high demand.

It’s also important to think about whether you are comfortable with your anniversary overlapping with a holiday every year.

A non-holiday wedding may be better as your guests will likely show up and won’t feel inconvenienced.