Should You Get Married on Your Anniversary? (Day You First Met)

Many people usually choose a popular holiday or an important time of the year for their wedding.

But while this offers various advantages, you also need to consider special dates in your life. For instance, your dating anniversary.

So, Should You Get Married on Your Anniversary?

When choosing a wedding date, couples should settle on a date suitable for them and their guests. That means you can get married any day, even on your dating anniversary. What is essential is to consider your availability and that of your guests, and the type of wedding you plan. For instance, if your dating anniversary falls in the winter, many people would love to set a different wedding date because of the weather. But if you don’t mind the cold and snow, proceed with your plans.

Why Get Married on Your Dating Anniversary?

Planning your wedding on your dating anniversary can add some romance to your day.

Think about it. You are saying your vows on the day you officially became a couple. Both days will forever hold special meanings for you and your loved ones.

It won’t be forgotten as each time your guests remember your wedding, they will remember that it’s also your anniversary.

Another benefit of combining the two events is that you can go big on the party.

Both events are about you as a couple. Therefore, they’re an excellent excuse to host the party of your dreams.

And even in the future, you won’t need to celebrate two anniversaries, that is, the dating and wedding anniversary.

Instead, you combine the two into one exquisite occasion. If you are huge on saving, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.

Why You May Not Want to Get Married on Your Dating Anniversary

Although doing your wedding on your anniversary sounds like a good idea, it may not always be.

For instance, if your anniversary falls during a national holiday, your guests may incur expensive travel and accommodation costs.

Also, you may find venues expensive during Christmas, Valentine’s day and other internal holidays.

So, if you pick a day during this time, be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets.

Additionally, if you are one of the people who loves celebrating anniversaries, getting married on this day may not be the best idea.

Remember that most people will focus on your wedding as it is the main agenda of the day.

Therefore, you may feel like your wedding has swallowed your dating anniversary.

Also, the season may not be suitable for the type of wedding you’re planning.

If you want an outdoor wedding, it may be suitable to host it when the weather is warm and sunny. But, if your dating anniversary falls in the winter, this might not be possible.

Again, it may be wise to think about other people’s commitment.

For instance, if you have siblings whose exams start on your dating anniversary date, they may not make it to your wedding.

If you want them to come and witness this special day, consider pushing the date until most of your guests are available.

Should You Celebrate Your Anniversary Once You Get Married?

Yes. Celebrating your dating anniversary is just as important as celebrating your wedding anniversary.

It is a chance to create new memories and traditions. Some couples visit places special to them, like where they first had their first kiss or their first date.

But some will stick to the traditional anniversary celebration of giving gifts. Such activities become memories and build a strong foundation that a couple can lean on during rough days.

But if your dating anniversary and wedding anniversary fall on the same day or close, you can decide whether celebrating the dating anniversary makes sense.

For instance, after celebrating the dating anniversary for ten years, some couples decide not to do it anymore and focus on the wedding anniversary.

This is especially true if they want to save money or don’t find it meaningful anymore.

However, if a couple is going to swap one celebration for another, they must ensure they are on the same page.

It may be unfair to decide to stick to your wedding anniversary and forget your dating anniversary on your own.

Remember that these dates hold different weights for both of you.

For your partner, the dating anniversary may be way more important than the wedding anniversary. So, they may be upset that you didn’t disclose your plan to forego once.

Have an open discussion with your partner on which day to celebrate and what to do.

Then, commit to that. Once you have celebrated, you can have another conversation about your experience and whether you’d want to change anything.

Five Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

1. Wake Up Together And Share A Special meal

If you don’t love staring at the sun, go back to bed and eat breakfast.

The idea is to spend this day relaxing, bonding and making love.

Spending your time in bed during your anniversary can enhance a deeper connection.

2. Go For A Picnic

If you love spending time outdoors, a picnic could be among the best ways to spend your anniversary, especially if the weather allows it.

Pack out your food, snacks, drink and blanket and head to a spot you both like.

But if the anniversary falls in the winter or the weather isn’t favorable for an outdoor picnic, have one in your living room. Your fireplace can create a great ambience.

Put down a blanket on the floor in front of it, sit on it and enjoy a romantic picnic at home.

The best thing about a home picnic is that you can have champagne and wine without worrying about how you will drive home.

3. Enjoy A Romantic Bath

You don’t need to spend a lot to have a memorable anniversary. A simple thing like a shared bath can be all you need to make this day memorable.

You can fill your tub with a bubble bath and have a romantic bath as you sip on champagne and lay in each other’s arms.

Alternatively, you can shower together. Wash one another and, if possible, make love in the shower.

4. Go To A Movie

Find a theatre in your location and plan for a movie date. You can hold and kiss hands just like you did when you were dating.

5. Plan A Camping Trip

A camping trip can be worth considering if you love spending time outdoors. Enjoying a drink in front of a nice bonfire can be relaxing.