Should You Get Married on Your Parents’ Anniversary?

Choosing a wedding date isn’t as simple as picking a date on your calendar.

You need to factor in many things, like the season and budget. It’s why you need to take time on this decision.

So, Should You Get Married on Your Parents’ Anniversary?

Yes, if everyone is comfortable with that. This will be a sweet gesture for your parents and a good way to celebrate them. Picking their anniversary as your wedding date would mean that they won’t forget your anniversary, and you won’t forget theirs. So there will be no hard feelings. Plus, your family will always have a big celebration on this date.

However, before making this decision, it’s wise to talk to them and hear their opinion. Hearing them out is a nice gesture to ensure everyone is at agreement.

Is It Bad Luck to Get Married on Your Parents’ Anniversary?

No. Some people  associate it with bad luck either to the parents or the ones getting married. However, most times, this is superstition.

If something is bound to happen, whether good or bad, it will happen without you necessarily doing anything.

It is a sweet gesture to get married on the same day your parents did. But if you are a superstitious person., this is something you want to consider when picking your wedding date.

What to Do to Make Your Parents Feel Special at Your Wedding?

Whether you have chosen your parents’ anniversary as your wedding date or not, you can show them love by having several special moments for them at your wedding.

Your wedding will be one of your parents’ happiest days.

It is a huge milestone for them since their child is tying the knot and starting their own family. There are a couple of things you can do to make them feel special, including:

1. Gifting Them

Yes, your parents will enjoy wedding favors like other guests, but you can do something extra for them.

A nice present can warm their hearts. You don’t have to buy anything expensive.

You can choose a DIY gift or a handwritten note to make them feel appreciated.

2. Let Them See You First

First looks are mostly for the couple before they get everyone else to see them.

But there is nothing wrong with including your dad and mum too. You can invite your mum to help you dress up while your dad waits outside.

Then have a photographer ready to take pictures of this memorable moment.

3. Have a Special Dance Performance with Them

You don’t get many chances to shake your legs with your mum and dad.

Therefore, take advantage of your wedding and create unforgettable dance moments with your parents and couple.

Alternatively, you can have a ‘parent dance.’ We often see father-daughter or mother-son dances.

But you can also let your parent have a dance of their own. Please coordinate with the photographer, as it makes for great pictures.

4. Serve Their Signature Dish

You’ve probably chosen an expert caterer for your wedding. So they don’t need instructions on simple things.

But since you want to make the menu more special, you can add your parents’ favorite dish to the menu.

Ask your mum how she likes her fried chicken or how to make your dad’s smoked meat, and include this in your menu.

Seeing their favorite dish on your wedding menu will surely make them feel special.

5. Have a Photo Session with Them

You will share many traditional photos with your parents at your wedding. On top of these, you can add a full photo session with them to make them feel special.

You can pose your hearts out together and let your photographer capture these great unfiltered emotions. You can also include your siblings in this if you like.

When Should You Choose Your Wedding Date?

Every couple uses a different process to pick their wedding date. But considering the time you have for planning will help you choose the right date.

According to Real Wedding Study, many couples are engaged for more than a year.

Give yourself at least one year after your engagement to plan for your wedding.

This will allow you enough time to do everything on your list, including ordering a wedding dress which can take as much as ten months, booking your wedding venue, which some need you to book one year in advance, etc.

Although choosing a wedding date should be one of the first decisions when planning, there is no one hard rule on how to do it.

Some people prefer a date special to them, like their engagement anniversary, and look for venues available on this date.

But others find their dream wedding venues first and choose a date based on the venue’s availability.

The latter situation is best if your situation allows it. That way, you will have more options to choose from.

Four Tips on Picking a Wedding Date

1. Speak with the VIPs

We all have people we wouldn’t want to be absent on our big day.

These may be your parents, grandparents, best friends, etc. So talk to them before you pick a date to ensure it works for them.

2. Talk To Your Vendors

If you have a certain photographer, band, or caterer in mind, you will feel uncomfortable picking another.

Therefore, talk to them about their availability before settling on a date.

You can make it official if they are available on a certain date.

3. Think About The Season

Most people wed during the spring and fall.

But this depends on where you are. For instance, summer is less popular in Arizona, and many prefer to marry in the winter and spring.

Choosing a peak season can increase your budget and make finding a venue and vendors hard.

Remember that most couples book their date around 15 months before their wedding.

Therefore, this is something to have in mind before picking a day.

4. Check For Other Local Events

Some weekends are busier than others.

So, check the local calendar for major sporting events, festivals, graduations, and other local events.

Such events can mean flooded venues, heavy traffic, and expensive flights, which you want to avoid during your wedding day.

Final Thoughts

Getting married on your parents’ anniversary can be a nice gesture.

It will remind you both of when you made your vows and make the moments memorable.

But remember to talk to them first before making this date official.

Sometimes they may refuse to share the date for a good reason. But most parents will be okay with this.