Is It Okay to Get Married The Same Year as Your Sibling?

Same-day proposals between two siblings are rare.

But, same-year proposals are more common than many people think.

But what happens when you are planning a wedding and realize your sibling is also planning to say I do the same year as you? Do you postpone or go on with your plans?

Is It Acceptable to Get Married The Same Year as Your Sibling?

Yes, you can however you may not receive the same support or family attendance. Remember that weddings can generally be expensive in terms of finances, emotions, and time. Two weddings might not be a big deal if all of you decide to wed at the court and only do a small party afterward. But, if both of you want a full-blown wedding, it will be a huge investment for the family and guests. Some people may find two weddings in the same year a financial, emotional, and time burden.

Some cultures discourage sisters from getting married on the same day.

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They view it as bad luck. Consider this if you are a culturalist or superstitious person.

Should Siblings Get Engaged at the Same Time?

Yes. There is no rule about when people should be engaged or married. But this is a rare occurrence. However, it is not impossible, as coincidences happen.

However, it is worth noting that there are some drawbacks to getting around at the same time.

For instance, sibling rivalry and the cost of two weddings are likely to occur. Also, there may be some stress in getting to know both families at the same time.

If these challenges are going to be an issue, we suggest you wait for a few months after your sibling’s wedding to plan yours.

For instance, you can wait a month or two. But this is generally not a requirement.

Can a Younger Sibling Marry First?

Gone are the days that required an elder sibling to get married or marry fast before the other siblings.

Things have changed these days, and whoever in the family feels like settling first can do so regardless of whether they are the elder or younger sibling.

But remember that some cultures, like Hindu, prohibit younger siblings from marrying before the elder one.

Unless you believe in these laws, you don’t have to wait for your elder brother to marry if you’ve found the love of your life.

What Should You Do When Your Sibling Gets Engaged?

Although weddings are a celebratory time, they can bring some family drama and unresolved issues among friends.

And siblings may struggle to balance helping the engaged party without overstepping/overshadowing.

We’ve written these tips to help you out.

1. Don’t Be Quick to Plan – Celebrate the Moment First

Wedding experts advise newly engaged couples to take time before booking a wedding vendor or florist or making a guest list.

The same goes for the siblings of those getting married.

Whether you were part of the proposal or heard the news afterward, you need to give your sibling time to enjoy the moment before switching to planning mode.

You will have more time to do that over the next few months. So, as exciting as it is, don’t start suggesting your ideas to your sibling yet.

2. Allow Them to Decide Which Role You’ll Take

Don’t assume or choose roles for yourself because, as harsh as this may sound, it is not your day.

Therefore, don’t declare yourself the matron, the maid of honor, or a bridesmaid.

Many factors go into selecting people for this role.

For instance, your sister may not choose you as the maid of honor as they don’t want to burden you with too much responsibility if you’ve started a family.

It’s best to wait and hear from them about this.

3. Get in Where You’ll Fit

One of the ways you can help your sister plan for her big day is by offering your opinions and advice if they let you.

If you are an older sibling, you probably know some things that may help make the wedding lively.

For instance, you may know how to bargain with vendors, where to get a good photographer, etc. In that case, you can offer your support the best way you know how.

What Should You Do If You Got Engaged Around The Same Time as Your Sibling?

1. Discuss With Your Sibling

If your sister got engaged first, it is wise to talk to them before stealing the spotlight.

Both couples need to have an input of the date.

The ones who got engaged first can have the privilege of choosing to get married first if they want to.

But, they may also decide to have a long engagement. In that case, the second couple can say their vows first if both parties agree.

2. Respect Your Family’s Input

Family members may have strong opinions about having two weddings in the same year.

So, try to understand where everyone is coming from.

Weddings generally require a lot of sacrifices. Therefore, some people may find it challenging to sacrifice twice in the same year.

3. Be Flexible With Your Guest List

If some relatives need to travel far distances, they may only be willing to do so once in the same year.

This can be heartbreaking for you but try to understand their reasoning.

Your favorite aunt may want to come to the wedding but finds it difficult to attend two weddings in the same year. So remain flexible in such scenarios.

4. Be Careful About The Spotlight

The most important thing is to remain considerate of your sibling’s feelings. Remember that each couple should have their moment in the spotlight.

It may not be wise to steal your sibling’s spotlight. You’d rather wait to do the activity you are planning a few weeks later.

How Far Apart Should Sibling Weddings Be?

There isn’t a standard time for how far apart sibling weddings should be.

So, people cannot decide for a couple when to hold theirs. But it is wise to consider your family, other guests, and fiancé.

If most of the guests are going to attend both weddings, we advise keeping them two or three months apart.

Remember that each ceremony will have a reception, requiring guests to travel and buy gifts. Don’t assume that everyone’s finances are stable.

Final Thoughts

You can get married in the same year as your sibling. But you need to consider the logistics.

Ensure that you work closely with your sibling and family so that you have a memorable day for both of you.