How Soon Is Too Soon to Get Married After a Sibling?

Siblings proposing or getting proposed to on the same day is rare.

However, they can be proposed in the same year.

If you and your siblings are engaged, you may wonder how to navigate the timeline for the two weddings.

Keep reading to learn how to handle two weddings in the same family within the same duration.

So, How Soon is Too Soon to Get Married After a Sibling?

There is no standard on how far apart sibling weddings are supposed to be. Therefore, no one can decide for a couple when to plan their wedding. But, when planning two weddings in a family, it’s wise to consider the family members and other guests. Remember that most guests will attend both weddings. So, we recommend keeping the weddings at least two to three months apart.

Note that both nuptials will have a reception, which means the guests have to buy gifts and travel.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these expenses twice within a short period.

Should Siblings Get Married Within the Same Year?

Yes. However, they may receive a different level of support or attendance from family members and other guests.

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Having two weddings may not be that challenging if both couples are planning for a court wedding and a small party after.

However, if you and your sibling are planning a full-blown wedding, remember that it will be a huge investment to your family and guests.

Some people may not be able to afford to attend two weddings in the same year. So, often one couple will get disadvantaged.

Also, some cultures do not recommend sisters getting married on the same day.

This is viewed as bad luck. Please consider this if you are a culturalist or a superstitious person.

Four Things to Consider When Planning Two Weddings in a Family

1. The Guests

If you share most of your guests, consider keeping the weddings at least two or three months apart.

Note that people will attend both the ceremony and the reception.

Therefore, it means they spend a considerable amount on traveling and expenses.

Don’t assume everyone’s financial status is the same.

But if the weddings occur in the same location where most guests are, then traveling will be less of an issue.

2. Parents’ Contribution

It’s normal for parents to sponsor their children’s weddings. If this is the case, make sure you talk to them before any couple books their wedding date or starts planning for their nuptial.

Please respect what your parents say. Remember, it is not easy to finance two destination weddings in two months. So, follow their suggestions on what they can fund.

And also be open to compromise. For instance, one wedding can be set during late spring and the other during early fall.

3. Your Stress Level

Your wedding and your sibling being close together can be overwhelming for you.

If your sister is the bride, chances are they would love you to be in the bridal party.

That means you help them plan for their nuptial while also planning yours. Besides the planning, you will also have the pre-wedding celebrations to attend, like bridal showers and engagement parties.

Please remember this if you share the same cycle of friends and family members in your bridal party.

People want to be enthusiastic about such celebrations. But keeping the weddings too close may take this away.

4. Keep Your Sibling And Their Partner In Mind

A lot of focus is given to the wedding guests and the parents. But besides these, it is also wise you consider the other couple.

Remember that they, too, are engaged and just as excited to plan their wedding as you.

If your date comes after theirs, try not to offend them.

Note that it’s easy for them to feel irked by your plans since their wedding comes first.

Always take the high road and remember, you don’t need to ruin family relationships because of your wedding day, even though it is crucial.

Is It OK for Siblings to Get Engaged at the Same Time?

Yes. There is no rule of when people should be engaged or married. However, it is rare that siblings will get engaged at the same time. But it is not impossible.

While it’s OK for them to get engaged, it is worth noting that there may be some setbacks to this.

For example, sibling rivalry and the high costs of both weddings will likely occur.

Additionally, it may be challenging to get to know both families at the same time.

If these setbacks will be an issue, it is best to wait some months after your sibling’s wedding to plan yours.

For instance, you can wait a month or two months.

Can You Marry Before Your Elder Sibling?

Yes. There isn’t a problem if a younger sibling marries before the elder siblings. In the past, people used to marry depending on who was the eldest.

However, people have changed these days. So, anyone who feels ready can wed first, whether they are younger or older.

However, it’s worth noting that some cultures, like Hindu, still forbid younger siblings from getting married before their older ones.

But if you don’t believe in these laws, you don’t have to wait for your elder sibling to marry first if you have found your dream partner.

Four Stages You Go Through When Your Sibling Gets Engaged

1. Happy For Them, But Sad Too

There are so many emotions that you have when you find out your sibling has decided to marry someone.

If you cannot comprehend whether you are feeling happy or sad for them, don’t stress about it. This is normal.

2. Of Course, You Are Happy For Them

But since there are many things that will change with this big step, it is not unusual to feel sad.

3. You Start Missing Their Presence

if your sister is getting married, she will have to move out of the house.

So, you will obviously start missing your presence because she will be busy with her wedding planning and shopping.

Even if it is your brother, you will still miss him since a new person is coming into his life and won’t be available all the time.

4. Acceptance

But after everything, you will accept because this is a huge step for your sibling.

Once you do, you will learn to leave your fears behind and be happy and excited about their wedding.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to have sibling weddings in the same year.

However, there are some drawbacks which must be considered.

For instance, the financial and emotional burden your guests will experience with the two weddings.

It is usually best to keep the weddings 2 or three months apart. That will give your guests time to plan themselves to attend both weddings.


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