Is It Rude to Ask the Groom or Groomsmen to Shave Their Beards?

Appearance is important to the ones getting married, their wedding team, and their guests.

Brides and bridesmaids often go through several steps to make them look beautiful. But most men are naturally simplistic.

Therefore, they may give little thought about their facial hair on the wedding day.

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So, Is It Rude to Ask the Groom or Groomsmen to Shave Their Beards?

It depends. If the groom or the groomsmen usually shave their beards, they may be okay with this request. After all, they need to look good at the wedding. But, if they usually do not shave their beards, this request might come off as rude.

If their beard is less than a month old or the hair looks patchy and sparse, shaving it might be the best option to avoid looking scruffy. But asking someone with a full-grown beard to shave can be interpreted as rude as they may prefer just to groom it.

Can the Groom Wear a Beard to the Wedding?

Yes. There are many expectations about dress codes on the wedding day.

For instance, some expect the groom and groomsmen to turn up in a black tie as it gives a clean-shaven look.

However, some of these expectations should be modified to suit modern grooms.

The groom will look great during the event if the beard is perfectly groomed. He can even opt for a stubbled shadow as long as the lines are clean.

Generally, making any drastic changes to your face some weeks before the wedding is not recommended.

Shaving the beard may seem like a great idea, but it may leave you feeling uncomfortable, exposed, and regretful.

If you aren’t sure about shaving your beard, you’d rather not shave it now.

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When Should the Groom/Groomsmen Shave Before the Wedding?

As mentioned, it is not advisable to make drastic changes to your face some days before the wedding.

If you need to trim, you should do it a week before the wedding.

If the growth is fast, you may want to pop back to your barber shop for a touch-up on the morning or the day before the wedding.

But speak to your barber for more guidance. 

The Best Beard Styles for the Groom during the Wedding

If you’ve decided to wear a beard, you may wonder which styles to choose.

Here are some inspirations:

  1. Full beard: a full beard makes you look bold and confident. Plus, it adds a touch of style. Provided you groom it, you will look great during your big day.
  2. Boxed beard: you can also opt for a tighter look if you want to look more groomed. In that case, a boxed beard will be the right option.
  3. Chin Strap: it is suitable for someone who wants to highlight their jawline. It makes it pop out more and gives you a classic look.
  4. Long beard: this look is great for someone who has been growing their beard for quite some time. However, be careful with the products you use for grooming it and keeping it in place during the wedding.
  5. A bit of scruff: some people aren’t blessed with lots of facial hair, and some are not great at growing a full beard. In that case, you can opt for this look. You will look a bit rugged but certainly polished.
  6. Mustache: rocking a mustache may be a great option if you want to have some facial hair during your wedding but cannot grow a full beard.
  7. Dyed beard: for those bold enough to include some color in their wedding, a dyed beard may work for them. You can dye your beard in a range of bright and vibrant colors or a fun color.

How to Groom Your Beard Before the Wedding?

Whether you are a groom or part of the groomsmen, you should ensure that your facial hair looks great during the wedding.

You don’t want people to look at you and think, “he needs to trim his beard.”

So, ensure you put a lot of effort into your facial hair to look fabulous during this day.

Here are some ways to prep your beard for the wedding:

Start Working On It One Month Out

One month before the wedding gives you enough time to work on your beard and other facial hair.

That means you start on healthy habits, like diet, exercise, and hydration, to nourish you inside and out for the upcoming wedding.

You can also consider doing facial cleansing to help remove dead cells and improve turnover.

This is also the time to visit your barber. Talk to them about how you want your beard to look.

They may even recommend a trial run to check how you’ll look at your wedding.

Going to a barber at least 3o days before the wedding is crucial for people with a long and unruly beard.

They will shape it and guide you on the intended look before the wedding. So you will be confident with the overall look.

Your stylist can help determine the right shape for your beard and the best ways to clean the edges and sideburns, as well as the right products for your skin.

One Week Before The Wedding

When it’s only seven days to the wedding, you should continue nourishing your face with moisturization and hydration.

Focus on making the beard as strong as possible.

You can use various beard products like shampoos, creams, oils, and balms. We also recommend that you brush regularly to keep the hair smooth.

Please don’t cut your beard at this point. The best you should do is trim it or shape it up. Avoid making drastic changes unless they are needed.

The Day Before The Wedding

You can cut and groom the beard at this point.

That way, you will know precisely how you will look before the wedding.

Cutting the beard too early allows hair to regrow, which means the final look may not be as imagined.

On The Wedding Day

You have done your best to groom and maintain your beard before your wedding.

So, during this day, keep things simple. Wash, moisturize, and comb your beard.

Then you can add beard oil for extra hydration and control.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the situation, it may or may not be rude to ask the groom or groomsmen to shave the beard.

All in all, they know they have to look good at the wedding.

So, if you are uncomfortable asking them, blindly trust that they will look perfect at the wedding.