Do Wedding Food Tastings Cost Money? Should You Tip?

Did you know that the food you choose can make or spoil your special day?

Many guests look forward to a wedding menu.

Do Wedding Food Tastings Cost Money And Should You Tip?

Wedding food tasting may or may not cost money, depending on the event’s organizers. Some caterers may offer complimentary tastings. But most of them charge a fee, especially for people that haven’t signed a contract with the caterer. But if you pay and decide to work with that vendor, the money will be deducted from the total cost.

Tipping, isn’t mandatory. However, it is good etiquette to tip anyone who offers a service.

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Should Wedding Food Tasting Be Charged?

These events can be costly to those hosting them.

They have to hire servers to serve you the food and drinks and people to clean the utensils once you leave.

Plus, the chefs have to prepare the meals for tasting, which they have to buy.

Considering all these, it’s only right they charge for the tasting, especially for people choosing a package at the low end.

How Do Wedding Food Tastings Work?

Once at the venue, the caterer or their representative will work you through the process.

It differs in different places, but usually, you will be served a full-course menu that matches the wedding package you choose.

Most placers will serve you full-size portions that they will offer at the wedding.

You can get three or four courses, two or three entrée options, and three or four desserts.

If you’ve planned an evening tasting, it is best to avoid eating lunch before the event.

Remember your caterer will only serve some of the foods on the menu. Plus, it is impossible to sample all of them in one sitting.

If there are leftovers, request them to pack them for you and carry the food home.

We should also mention that some places include white and red wines in the menu package.

If you don’t want the wine, ask whether the pricing allows you to substitute without affecting per person price or the other options you can upgrade to.

FIVE Reasons Why You Should Consider Wedding Food Tastings

A wedding food tasting is sampling different foods with a caterer and deciding whether to work with them and which foods you want on your menu.

While it may differ from place to place, it usually includes drinks, main courses, appetizers, and cake flavors, among others.

This event may seem unnecessary at first, but it offers various benefits.

1. You Will Be Confident Of Good Food

It is one thing to read a caterer’s wedding reception menu and another to taste the food.

Remember that even if you’ve eaten particular meals before, they may taste different when cooked by your chosen chef.

So, it is essential to sample the food and drinks beforehand to ensure you like them.

Otherwise, you may be preparing for a huge surprise on your big day.

2. You Will Narrow Your Choices

People love to offer variety at their weddings. This allows guests to eat and enjoy different meals.

However, the world has so many food and drink choices.

As such, deciding which ones you want to be served at your celebration may be challenging.

Going to a food-tasting event will help you pick the ones you love.

3. You’ll Decide If You Like The Presentation

Food has to appeal to the eyes, even before a person eats it.

That is why the presentation should not be overlooked, especially on the wedding day.

You and your guests will not want to eat food that doesn’t look appetizing.

During your food tasting, you can request the caterer to present the food exactly how they will present it at the wedding.

You don’t want your guests to build anticipation for the reception only to be disappointed by how the food looks.

3. You Can Decide On The Right Cocktail That Matches Your Menu

Custom cocktails make events more memorable.

If you want to have them at your wedding, tasting the food offered will help you decide on the cocktail that matches each dish.

4. You Will Work With The Caterer On Dietary Restrictions And Allergies

Food tastings are a chance to determine the options available for your vegan and vegetarian guests and how the caterer plans on handling them.

But please inform the caterer early whether you have guests with special diets.

Tipping at Wedding Food Tasting

It is not mandatory to tip during this event. But doing so is a nice gesture.

Treat your wedding session the same as having dinner at a restaurant.

The two have no differences since there were people who served you, listened, and responded to your needs when testing.

Even if you’re doing a complimentary tasting, it is wise to tip the waiter that served you.

But how much should you tip?

Well, this depends. Evaluate the total meal amount and tip the exact amount you would for that price.

FOUR Ways To Prepare for Wedding Tastings

1. Arrive Moderately Hungry But Not Starving

It is not advisable to taste meals when your stomach is empty. So, eat but don’t be full.

2. Have A Catering Budget Before Time

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you don’t have a budget.

But once you decide on the amount you want to spend, you will limit your food selection to that amount.

3. Consider Your Guest’s Dietary Needs

Such as allergies and preferences.

4. Take Someone With You

Going to this event alone is not advisable.

But at the same time, think carefully before deciding who you tag along with.

Bring only a few tasters. Ideally, it should be you, your partner, your planner, and two people, either the best man and maid of honor or family members you trust.

Final Thoughts

Wedding food tasting may or may not be charged depending on the caterer.

But considering the costs involved, it makes sense that some may want to charge them.

Also, tipping is optional, but it is a nice gesture, especially to those that served you.


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