Can the Groom Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

The team you bring to your wedding dress shopping will positively or negatively influence your experience.

For this reason, you need to thoroughly think about your decision before choosing someone.

Make sure the person you pick knows your style and can give honest opinions.

So, Can the Groom Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

Yes. If he wants. There are no hard and fast rules when shopping for your wedding gown. Therefore, you can choose anyone you like to accompany you. If you’re comfortable taking your fiancé and value his opinion, have them at your bridal appointment. 

But if your fiancé is uncomfortable with this idea, you can leave him behind. Also, if you’re not sure about whether to bring your partner or not, ask his opinion first before deciding. Maybe he may want some time alone to focus on the wedding and the life to come, or he may be excited to be around other people anticipating the wedding. You’ll never know if you don’t know.

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Four Reasons To Take Your Fiancé Wedding Dress Shopping

It can be a fun experience: many brides don’t choose their partners to take them to wedding dress shopping.

But going with him can be truly fun and rewarding. You will share laughs and memorable moments when fitting the different dresses.

Ultimately, your bond may become stronger than before.

But, it is wise to ask your partner about what he’d like to do during this day to ensure that it’s a fun experience for you both.

He may want to grab a bite after you find your dream dress or go somewhere to take pictures for memories.

1. He’ll Give You Honest Opinions

Your fiancé is the one person that wants you to be at your best during your wedding day.

So if a gown looks terrible, he will point it out without fear. Other people may be scared to point this out as they don’t know how you will take it.

But your partner will most likely not shy away from telling you the truth.

2. You Will Know Which Dress To Choose

Deciding on the type of dress to wear can be hard, especially with different styles available.

But your fiancé can give his opinions on the dresses that look good and those that don’t. His perspective can help you decide which type to opt for.

If you can’t decide between two dresses, ask the groom which one he prefers. He may like one style over the other and simplify your decision.

3. We All Want Someone To Value Our Opinions

Inviting the groom to the wedding shopping will show him that you value his opinion and want him to be involved in this aspect of planning your wedding.

That way, he can be more confident and trustworthy of you.

Even if you don’t bring him to the wedding shopping, think about taking pictures of the gowns you try and send them to him.

This will help him know what you have in mind, and he can help you get the dress you want.

4. Helps You Stick To The Budget

It’s normal to go over the budget when you fall in love with a dress.

But with your fiancé present, you can decide on what gown suits your wedding style but doesn’t dent your pocket. Or you can even choose to rearrange the budget if you really must get the dress.

What matters is that you make this decision together.

Three Reasons To Not Take the Groom Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Goes Against Tradition

It has always been a tradition for the groom to see the bride’s dress for the first time when she is walking down the aisle.

That builds excitement and anticipation for the wedding day. If you want this element of surprise, taking him to your appointment may not be a wise idea.

Even if you don’t reveal your final dress choice, remember that shopping for a wedding gown is an intimate affair.

So, he will witness you fitting different styles, discussing designers, customization and alternations with your stylist or even choosing the dress you like.

2. Future Photo Shoots

Also, note that many couples do first-wedding look shoots. If this is what you want, remember that it may not be exciting as the groom will already have seen the dress beforehand.

Note that the reaction you and the groom have when you see each other for the first time in your suits and gowns is the best thing about the first look shoot.

But if you’ve already seen each other, your reactions may not be that genuine.

3. Bad Luck

Another thing to note is that some people consider it bad luck when the groom sees the bride wearing the dress before the wedding.

This may not be relevant in today’s era. But remember, many people still follow wedding traditions to the latter. If that is the case, you shouldn’t let your partner come to the wedding dress shopping.

What About LGBTQIA+ Couples?

There are no rules or superstitions for LGBTQIA+ couples. So, you can decide to match your clothing or choose separate items that complement your style.

It is wise to go together, in this case, to ensure you don’t pick the same dress or shoes. But think of scheduling separate consultations.

You can do them at the same time, but we advise doing them at different times so that you give them all your attention.

If you don’t want to go together, you can outline your styles and credentials before shopping. That will help you choose different items that still complement each other.

You don’t want to show up with a blue tuxedo while your partner is wearing a tan suit. So, discuss this information beforehand.

Final Thoughts

The groom can take the bride for wedding shopping. However, it is up to the couple to decide whether this is right for them.

If the groom is comfortable seeing you in the wedding dress before your wedding day, and you aren’t a superstitious couple, you can take him shopping.

But if he wants to build excitement until the wedding day, please respect his wishes.

But we should mention that this tradition won’t affect your marriage regardless of what you choose. Therefore, if you decide to shop together, go for it.