Is It Better to Buy a Wedding Dress That’s Too Big?

Your wedding day is the only time you’ll wear the dress you’ve spent lots of time finding.

No one wants to deal with a non-fitting gown when they’re getting married.

So, Is It Better to Buy a Wedding Dress That’s Too Big?

You should buy a properly fitting dress. Purchasing a small dress means you’ll have to lose weight to be comfortable in it. But you might not be comfortable in it if you don’t lose enough weight. This will leave you discouraged, disappointed and not confident. On the other hand, buying a dress that is too big will fit you, but you will end up looking bigger than you are. Instead of looking beautiful, you will look frumpy.

However, if you can’t find a dress that fits, always opt for a larger one instead of a smaller one. Remember, taking in a dress is easier than letting out.

Plus, most dresses don’t come with a lot of extra material to allow too many alterations. 

But, what if you end up adding more weight instead of losing? So for these reasons, opt for a big dress.

But, even if you are buying a big dress, don’t deviate too far from your bridal size. If you usually wear a size 10, don’t buy a size 16.

Although taking in a dress is easier, too many alterations will ruin its integrity.

What Can You Do If Your Dress Doesn’t Fit on Your Wedding Day?

If your dress is too big, lace it in the back and make it as tight as possible. Then add some bra cups, so the bust area doesn’t look weird. If it is too big at the mid-section, find a sash belt and wear it on your waist.

If the dress is small, the first thing to keep in mind is that you will need help putting it on.

If you have two people, they can help position your dress correctly to suit your natural waist.

Most times, a small dress needs to be pulled up a bit to place it properly on the body.

Ensure your bust sits correctly on the cup to help the rest of your body feel comfortable in the dress.

If the gown is too tight, zip it a little, relax for five minutes, zip it again a little up, relax and do this until you zip it to the top.

Resting allows your body to adjust to the dress, and it will start to shape your body.

You can also remove the bra padding if it feels too tight. However, it is wise to remember that your gown should be a bit tight. Wedding dresses are designed to hug the body. So if it feels a bit tight, do not panic.

How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Altered Down?

Most tailors will take a wedding dress two sizes down. This way, it will fit properly without affecting the integrity of the dress.

Remember that alterations are costly. Plus, too many alterations will make your dress lose its originality.

However, if you’ve bought a dress that’s too large, your sewist can help reduce it by multiple sizes down.

But note that they will spend a lot of time doing these alterations, so expect to pay more, and you risk your dress losing some details.

Most people won’t fit the standard size of wedding gowns, therefore the dress will have to be altered.

But it is better to opt for a larger dress as it is easier to take in than let out. However, there may be exceptions to this.

If you have larger hips than your bust and waist, and the dress you love is cut far from the hips, it’s best to reduce the gown to the bodice measurements.

Always work with a specialist when shopping for a wedding dress, as they are more familiar with the gown’s fit.

We must also mention that most brides plan to lose weight or get in a “perfect” shape for their wedding.

However, this shouldn’t be considered when buying a gown.

What if you don’t lose enough and you add instead?

But, you know your body and habits well.

Order a small size if you think you can lose weight within that set time frame. Otherwise, opt for a bigger wedding dress.

How Many Wedding Dress Fittings Will You Need?

The fittings you will need depend on the alterations done to your outfit and your body changes during this time.

The gown will take shape once your seamstress pins and tucks it into your body.

Most brides will already have an idea of how the gown will fit during the second fit.

And most times, you only need two alterations for the gown to be perfect. However, it’s best to prepare for three.

All in all, you should schedule your final fitting at least two weeks before your wedding. It is unlikely that your body will change much in these final weeks.

How Much Do Alterations Cost?

A wedding dress is already expensive.

So adding alterations costs to the total price will significantly raise the price. Most wedding dress alterations are above $400.

Taking in seams costs $30-$100 per side on average.

But for dresses made with lace, natural silk or other delicate fabric that needs hand stitching, your seamstress will charge more since they will spend more time on it.

Inserting a bra usually costs around $20 to $40. If you know how to sew, you can do the seams yourself and save the extra charges.

But please avoid this if you are a beginner, as you risk ruining your dress.

Final Thoughts

It is generally better to buy a dress that fits.

But if you are weighing between buying a small or big wedding dress, it is best to opt for a bigger dress.

Even if alterations are possible, taking in the dress multiple sizes can ruin its integrity.

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