How Many Wedding Dress Shops Should You Visit in a Day?

Once you settle on a wedding date, the next thing is to start shopping for your dress.

Wedding dress shopping will be a new experience unless you’ve been married or taken someone to it.

So, How Many Wedding Dress Shops Should You Visit in a Day?

There is no standard number of shops to visit in a day. So, the answer depends on the bride. Some brides will become attached to the first dress they try on. In that case, they won’t need to visit another shop. But other people take some time to find what they like. So, they’re forced to go to different shops.

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How Many Appointments Should You Make in a Day?

Again that depends on the bride. But we recommend two or three appointments max in a day. Shopping for a wedding gown can be more exhausting than it looks.

It is different from regular shopping for clothes as you want to achieve perfection.

Besides tiring, it is also an emotional process.

Too many appointments on the same day will be overwhelming. So, avoid going to more than three appointments in a single day.

We must also mention that if you find a dress you love in a wedding shop and still have other appointments during that day, you don’t have to go to the remaining ones.

Remember, it is all about getting a dress you love and making you feel confident.

How Many Gowns Should You Try on?

There isn’t a set number of dresses you should try on when searching for the right wedding gown. Some experts advise you to pick your top three.

Others recommend trying 10-15 dresses. What we can say is that brides are different. Therefore, have a specific number you want to try on before heading to the salon.

For instance, you can try five dresses at a particular store. That way, you will narrow your choices and avoid wasting boundaries.

But note that you mustn’t have a specific number in mind.

However, it is good because it allows you to set boundaries when shopping for a wedding dress.

Is It Bad to Try Too Many Different Dresses?

Yes. Fitting too many dresses can leave you confused and frustrated.

Sometimes, you may miss a fantastic gown while searching for something that you think is better.

In fact, many brides end up making wrong decisions because of trying on too many dresses.

To avoid this, ensure you limit the number of dresses you fit.

Although there isn’t a maximum number to try on, don’t do too many. Every time you fit a dress, take a picture.

Then, after you’ve tried five dresses, go to the photos and evaluate the gowns one by one.

That should help you make a final decision.

Should You Try Other Dresses After Finding the One?

No. This is not a good idea. Think about it this way. You don’t try another fiancé when you’ve found the one.

So why would you want to fit into different gowns when you’ve found one of your dreams?

We are not trying to equate a wedding gown to a person. But, you know how intimate it is.

Once you get the dress you want, it is good to stop your search there and then.

That means deleting inspirational pictures on your phone and avoiding looking at magazines for ideas.

But if you’re planning to wear different outfits during the day, you may continue with your search. But the dress you’ve loved should be close to your heart.

Should You Shop For Dresses from Different Salons?

Choose a single salon that stocks different styles and designers.

Also, ensure that they have good customer service and experts that advise clients now and then.

Alternatively, if you have one or two brands in mind, think of visiting their flagship location.

That will simplify your shopping as you won’t be bombarded with different styles and designs that leave you confused.

Four Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

1. Bringing A Lot Of People

There is no doubt that your wedding dress is the most important gown you will ever wear.

However, having too many different opinions will leave you frustrated and farther away from what you initially wanted.

Two or three people are enough. Some people even go with one, which is just okay.

You can bring your mum, sister, best friend or fiancé if you like. What matters is they give you honest opinions about the wedding dresses you fit.

2. Shopping Too Early

We get the excitement that comes with a wedding.

You are bound to find a dress you love as soon as you start shopping for dresses. But it may be difficult for you if you aren’t ready to buy immediately.

It is advisable to start shopping for a wedding gown when you are ready to shop.

Ensure that you have all the wedding details in place before you begin shopping since many things can affect your gown choice.

But at the same time, avoid procrastinating to allow enough time for the dress to come and for the necessary alterations to be made.

3. Choosing The Wrong Size

Most wedding dresses are one or two sizes smaller than street clothes.

Instead of focusing on a dress that’s your actual size, concentrate on how the measurements compare to a specific line on your designer’s chart.

It is also best to buy a size bigger, especially if you plan on losing weight.

4. Trying A Dress You Can’t Afford

You may want to try a dress way above your budget for fun to see how you’d look.

But this is a bad idea. Often, you will end up disappointed and heartbroken if you love the dress.

Please only fit the dresses you can afford. It may seem “limiting,” but it will save your emotions and pockets.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit on the number of wedding salons to visit within a day.

What matters is you end up with a gown you love.

So even if it means visiting five bridal salons, go for it if you have the energy.

But, avoid fitting dresses in all these shops to avoid confusion. If you’re unsure about a dress, don’t try it on.