Do You Tip the Seamstress for Wedding Dress Alterations?

It’s normal to overlook tips and gratuities when planning a wedding.

But, as it turns out, you cannot avoid them. For this reason, experts advise that you budget them under ‘miscellaneous.’

So, Should You Tip a Seamstress for Wedding Dress Alterations?

Tipping your seamstress is not customary; some people do not find it necessary. Remember that altering a wedding dress is expensive, and sewists tend to make lots of profit from their work.

The price quoted compensates for their costs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show them further appreciation. While you don’t have to feel obliged to tip your sewist, it can be a nice gesture to do so.

Why Should You Tip Your Seamstress?

1. You Are Satisfied With Their Service

Once the tailor finishes the alterations, you fit your dress and realize how gorgeous it is due to their hard work, tipping them may be an excellent way to express gratitude for their effort.

Remember that some alterations on the wedding dress need deep concentration and hard work to complete them.

If that is the case, you may want to appreciate your tailor for a great job.

2. You Have A Large Order

Sometimes the bride and bridesmaids may take their dresses to the same tailor for alterations. Doing that may be more convenient for them.

Plus, some companies may offer discounts for large orders.

There isn’t one standard to define what a large order is. It is different depending on the tailor and company.

If there is no exact figure, consider orders above ten dresses large.

That means the seamstress will take more time and effort to finish the work.

Plus, they may reject other customers to work on your order.

Therefore, tipping them can compensate for the revenue they will lose when working on your order.

3. You Have A Rush Order

With so many things to think about, it’s easier to overlook some aspects, like taking your wedding dress to a tailor.

Ideally, you will need to fit your wedding dress two or three times so that the tailor can make the clothes as fitting as possible.

Not to mention, individual alterations might need 24 hours to several weeks, depending on the intricacy.

If you need the alterations done quickly, you have to pay the seamstress a rush fee.

Giving a tip in such cases will be a nice gesture, especially if the alterations offer a higher quality than you’d typically expect when considering the timing.

4. The Tailor Works For An Established Company

Most bridal shops have in-house tailors that work with the client to ensure their dresses fit.

These tailors take the measurements and alterations you want and begin to make the changes to design a well-fitting dress for you.

In such cases, tailors aren’t the ones to decide the rates and prices for themselves. Instead, the company sets for them. So, it will be great to appreciate their services.

But before tipping them, check with the managers first. Sometimes, giving a tip may be against their workplace policy, so if you do that, you may put them in a difficult position at work.

If they don’t allow tipping, please don’t forcefully or secretly give it.

5. You Want To Establish A Friendship Or Good Working Relationship

Although you will only wear your wedding dress once, there are other dresses you will buy in the future. But, while there are so many tailors around, not all of them are good.

So if you find someone with excellent skills, work ethic, experience, and customer service, you should keep them.

That way you can come to them whenever you want your clothes fixed. Thus, you may wish to establish a good relationship by tipping them.

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Four Reasons Why You May Not Tip Your Seamstress

1. The Alterations Are Simple

All repairs and alterations require skills. But some are more challenging than others. If your request was easy and didn’t take time, you don’t have to tip your tailor.

2. You Paid For Alterations When Buying The Dress

Price tags on the dress include the cost of alterations.

Plus, most stores with in-house tailors pay them per hour. In such cases, you don’t have to tip the seamstress.

Also, remember we said some stores don’t allow tipping, and you may get the tailor in trouble if you do that without consulting with the management.

3. The Seamstress Has Their Business

If you aren’t working with a store’s in-house tailor, chances are the tailor you find runs their own business.

So, they charge their services accordingly to compensate for the time and effort they will use.

Therefore, the amount you pay will already cover fees and gratuities.

4. The Tailor Tells You Not To Tip Them

Tailors do not expect tips for their work. Thus, clients don’t have a legal obligation to tip them.

Instead, they tip depending on their budget, order size, and satisfaction.

Some companies don’t accept tips from customers. And other tailors may be uncomfortable receiving it.

How Much to Tip Your Seamstress

Since it’s not your legal responsibility to tip your tailor, you can decide how much to give them.

Ideally, experts recommend tipping 15-20% for each alteration they make.

But you can also be more price and tip them per hour if that is how they charge.

For example, if they charge 50 dollars per hour and spend 10 hours on your dress, a 75-100 dollar tip would be enough.


Tipping your seamstress is up to you. So, you can weigh out and decide whether or not to give them a tip.

If you don’t find it necessary, don’t feel guilty.

Tipping is always a way to show gratitude and is not required by the law. Plus, there are other ways you can appreciate your tailor.

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