Can You Negotiate Wedding Dress Prices? (FIVE TIPS)

Shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful.

You may come across various designs which may be confusing.

Not to mention they all come at different prices. The good news is that most sellers don’t offer them at fixed prices.

Learn more about negotiating a wedding dress in this guide.

So, Can You Negotiate Wedding Dress Prices?

Yes. Wedding dress prices are negotiable. Although some shops don’t allow it, many bridal shops allow individuals to negotiate down to the price they can afford. How low the seller will go will depend on your negotiation skills. But the good thing is that negotiating is possible.

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What to Note Before Negotiating

Bridal shops are not the same, which is why some allow customers to negotiate and some don’t.

Regardless of where you shop, it’s still worth trying to negotiate.

But before doing that, research and get an idea of how much the dress you want costs.

If you find other sellers offer it at a lower price, base that as your starting point and try to bring them to lower the price.

Five Tips on Negotiating the Price of a Wedding Dress

1. Shop within Your Budget Range

Even if the store agrees to negotiate, they won’t go down that much. Remember, they are there to make profits as well.

So, you cannot expect them to sell the dress at the same price or lower than what they got it for. For this reason, looking for a dress within your budget is essential.

For instance, if you plan on spending $2000, look for a dress costing between $1700 to $2300.

That way, even if you negotiate, the seller might go down to a price you would have already accounted for.

Please don’t go for a $10000 dress expecting the shop to come down to your level. That’s impossible.

2. Research, Research, Research

Make Google your friend during this time. Look for the dress you want and the places you can find them.

Also, please remember to verify the seller to see if they are reputable. Some vendors might not be legit, and while they may accept your offer, you may not get the original gown.

It’s wise to check their website and go through their reviews.

3. Prepare for Defeat

Negotiations are not guaranteed. The seller might go down to your price, or they may refuse your offer.

If the latter happens, don’t be discouraged. Bear in mind that many businesses sell wedding dresses. So, you can always move to the next and try your luck. The most crucial thing is to have a backup plan.

Because the truth is, you might go to different shops, and they all might turn down your offer.

In that case, you can decide to consider something else or increase your budget and get the dress you desire.

4. Be Reasonable

Even smaller shops have high prices on their wedding dresses.

It is wise to remain reasonable and pragmatic while hunting for your gown, as that way, you will make an excellent decision.

If you find a $2500 dress sold at $25, the deal is probably too good to be true.

Don’t set your budget too low. Otherwise, you won’t find a quality dress.

Also, if the store is not willing to go down to a lower price than their initial match, screaming and hollering at them will not make a difference.

5. Be Prepared to Buy on The Spot

If the store agrees to reduce the price, don’t expect them to reserve the dress for you.

Remember, it could be that you are buying during a low season, or they have discounts and agreed to your price.

But, the next time you come in, the situation may have changed.

Therefore, when negotiating, it is best you have the full payment price and purchase the dress immediately.

But if the dress you want doesn’t fit your budget, there’s nothing much you can do.

Remember that no dress is too beautiful to give you a heart attack.

Five Ways To Save Money on a Wedding Dress

1. Rent Your Dress

You probably won’t need to wear your wedding dress again. So, renting can be a great alternative if you don’t have the money to buy a dress.

It is cheaper, and you may get the same designer dress for less. Renting a wedding dress may sound strange at first, but you will not have a dress hanging in your closet that you won’t wear again.

2. Buy a Short Dress

It’s always been a norm for the bride to wear long dresses. However, individuals are breaking this tradition by opting for a short dress that costs less than full-length gowns.

Short dresses come in handy when shopping for your wedding dress last minute when you need to board a plane in your wedding attire.

You won’t struggle to get yourself to the plane, and you won’t attract unnecessary attention.

3. Buy a Simple Dress and Customize It

One thing that makes wedding dresses expensive is the effort that goes into crafting the details. You may buy a simple dress and alter it to fit your personality to save some cash.

That way, you will have a unique dress without overspending. But please consider how much the alterations will cost you.

Sometimes, they may be more expensive than buying a designer dress. And this may not be worth it.

4. Consider the Fabric

Most manufacturers use silk and lace when making their fabrics.

But there are some less expensive materials that will still look fantastic. If your budget is tight, opt for synthetic and blended fabrics or taffeta and chiffon.

These are less expensive compared to lace or silk.

If a dress is highly-priced, you may purchase the same dress at a lower price in a different fabric.

Work with a sewist to help you pick the suitable material. That way, if you need alterations, they can quickly do them.

5. Time Your Shopping

The price of a wedding dress may be influenced by the season. It is usually advisable to shop in the winter and summer.

During this period, designers are ready to sell their new line to retailers who have to make room for these new designs.

So, that forces them to sell their old stock at reduced prices.


You can negotiate the prices of your wedding dress.

But, you must find a bridal shop that allows negotiation.

What’s important is not to fix your mind on a specific price, as you may be disappointed.