How Late Is Too Late to Have an Engagement Party?

Congratulations on your engagement. Now the next step is planning an engagement party.

This party is among the most memorable moments a couple will have with their loved ones.

It is an excellent chance to celebrate before the stress of planning a wedding builds up. But when should it be?

So, How Late is Too Late for an Engagement Party?

The right time frame is 2 to 4 months after you’ve been engaged. But anywhere six months before the wedding is a good time to have your engagement party. If you have several parties, you can combine one with your engagement party. For instance, you can combine your bridal shower with your engagement party. What is important is that you don’t do it too late as you won’t have enough time to do other parties and plan your wedding.

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What Happens at an Engagement Party?

The activities happening during this party differ depending on the host.

But, in most cases, the event is relaxed and informal. It shouldn’t outshine the wedding reception.

Some people throw an intimate engagement party and opt for a long leisurely lunch, followed by drinks and tapas, then finish with dinner at their favorite restaurant.

But you can also decide to do a big engagement party and plan for a cocktail-style event.

This allows your guests to mix and mingle, creating familiarity before the wedding.

An engagement party is just spending time with your loved ones and letting your family and friends meet and interact with your fiancé’s family and friends.

It is time to make the needed introduction and just have with people dearest to you. Besides food and drinks, some people include speeches in this event.

Who Hosts an Engagement Party?

Usually, an engagement party is hosted by one or both parents of the couple. However, the couple themselves can also throw their engagement party.

The person hosting the engagement party is usually the one paying for it.

So, for instance, if your mom hosts the engagement party, it means she is comfortable paying for it.

But if you’re hosting the party, it means you will cater to the expenses.

If your parents contribute a huge share to the wedding, you may not be comfortable with them paying for your engagement party.

In that case, have a conversation with them to see how you’ll go about the budget.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t expect your guests to pay for themselves, whether at the wedding venue or restaurant.

So remember this when planning an engagement party.

How to Plan an Engagement Party In Five Steps

1. Choose A Date And Time

Ideally, an engagement party should be conducted 2-4 months after the engagement.

But you know your guests well. So pick a time that is suitable for them. You should also remember to send your invitations early before they commit to other things.

The best days for an engagement party are Friday or Saturday since most guests do not have to work the next day.

You should also set a start and end time so guests will know how to plan their schedules. Most people plan for a two to a four-hour window for this party.

2. Choose A Venue

Consider where most of your guests stay when deciding the location of your engagement party.

For instance, if most of your friends and family live in your parent’s hometown, it is an ideal place to have your party.

But having two parties makes sense if they live in two different cities.

That way, each group gets to celebrate with you. If most of your guests will be traveling to your engagement party, don’t host it in the same city, your wedding will be to spare them from travel fatigue.

3. Think About The Theme

Once it is time to set the scene, consider a different thing from your wedding.

For instance, if you have settled for a garden wedding, don’t also do your engagement party in a garden. Think about something else, like lunch in a fancy restaurant.

If your wedding is formal, consider a casual engagement party outdoors. Remember, the people invited to your engagement party are to be invited to your wedding.

So, this is a chance to show your creative side.

4. Create A Guest List And Send Invitations

Your engagement is much smaller than your wedding. So bear this in mind when inviting people.

If you aren’t hosting this party, work with the host to know who will be invited.

Once you decide on your guest list, start sending the invitations. Ideally, you should do this six weeks before your chosen date.

5. Plan A Menu

Food and drinks will keep your guests entertained. So, ensure you serve them in plenty at your engagement party.

You can serve a full family-style dinner or opt for other choices. It is wise to indicate what you will serve on the invitation so guests can come prepared.

For instance, you can say, “ We would love you to join us for cocktails and light bites.”

Who Should Be On The Engagement Party Guest List?

Always remember, anyone invited to your engagement party should be invited to your wedding.

So, please think carefully about your guest list when deciding on your invites. It’s advisable to keep the party small.

You’d rather host an intimate engagement party and invite more people to your wedding.


An engagement party is the first celebration you will have as a couple before your wedding. It should be between 2-4 months after the wedding.

But you can work with your timeline and decide the best time to have it.

What matters is that it is not too close to the wedding; otherwise, it will make the wedding planning difficult.


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