Are Wedding Fairs Worth Going to? (FIVE BENEFITS)

Bridal fairs sound pretty lame when you aren’t planning a wedding.

But when it is your turn to get married, you may start considering them.

They are a chance to meet face-to-face with different vendors and check off many wedding to-dos in a single day.

So, Are Wedding Fairs Worth Going to?

Answer: Yes, Wedding fairs are worth attending if you have specific expectations and know why you’re attending them. But there are many wedding fairs available at your disposal. Some require an entrance fee, while others are done by the vendors/venues. Every fair offers different things. Thus, it may be challenging to know which one suits your needs.

What Are Wedding Fairs Anyway?

The answer is a bit complicated. Just because it has the word fair doesn’t mean its purpose is clear.

But mainly, it is an event where brides meet different vendors and learn about other things.

You go into a room with several wedding-related vendors and third parties during a wedding fair. Here, you will be exposed to different items and discounts you can take advantage of.

Vendors have their stands that they have decorated and designed.

They decide the promotions, deals, and giveaways to offer during the fairs. All stands are interactive and have free items or free food samples.

Therefore, you are assured of getting something at the end of the day.

Some wedding fairs include runaway shows where models showcase some of the best designs in the wedding industry.

What Do People Do at Wedding Fairs?

Wedding fairs are designed for brides to get to know vendors, get free items and discounts, and have fun.

They help simplify the wedding planning process but in a fun way while allowing you to save money.

First, you buy a ticket to the wedding fair you wish to attend. Then show up to it and walk around to meet different vendors.

Five Benefits of Wedding Fairs

If you are unsure whether to attend wedding fairs or not, here are some reasons to consider going to one:

1. Find Your Vendors

A wedding fair brings different vendors and suppliers under one room. You can get to securitize them based on their presentation and the impression they make.

Then, you can pick and book the ones you feel confident in if you haven’t already.

2. It’s Fun

It seems like a bit of a hassle to attend a wedding fair but not with the right attitude.

Think about it. You will get great discounts, free stuff, food samples, and even champagne. So, what will prevent you from having fun?

3. Find Inspiration

You can spend hours surfing the internet for ideas. But seeing them, in reality, gives you a glimpse of what to expect.

Wedding fairs have different suppliers who display their designs and decorations.

So, you can easily find ideas on what to do at your wedding. Make sure you take pictures of the things you like and decide what you want when you get home.

4. Get Discounts And Freebies

Vendors tend to prepare their best offers for the show. Usually, they offer reduced prices for their services or add-ons for people booking.

However, don’t make a rush decision regardless of the discounts you’re being offered.

Make sure you discuss everything with your spouse, especially if your budget is tight. Then, ensure you ask the supplier for their card and when the offer ends.

5. One-stop Shopping

Planning a wedding is challenging. You will be bombarded with different meetings and appointments.

Wedding shows save you time and energy since everything is at your disposal. From wedding gowns, venues, honeymoons, cakes, and decorations, name them.

As a result, you can narrow down your choices and plan your wedding easily.

How Should You Prepare for a Bridal Fair?

Early preparation is the best way to ensure you get the most from the bridal fair.

Please don’t go without eating. Remember that these affairs take time and can be tiring moving from one vendor to the next.

Therefore, ensure you eat breakfast or lunch before heading over. That way, you will have the energy to take you through the event.

It’s also wise to bring your wedding planner to the show. Your planner will help you set the appointments. Plus, they can help you decide whether a supplier is right for you. It is also wise to go with your maid of honor, your mother, or even your bridal party.

Some brides tag their fiancé along as well. Whoever you bring, make sure they’re objective and willing to help you get the best.

Must I Book My Wedding Venue to Attend the Wedding Fair?

No. Many people attending the wedding fairs haven’t even settled for their venue.

They just want inspiration on what they can do. So, it is best to start attending these fairs sooner than later. If you meet a vendor you like, ensure you get their details and get in touch when you are ready.

Note that suppliers aren’t associated with one venue. They travel to different places and will be willing to accommodate you if they are free on your chosen date.

What Are the Types of Wedding Fairs?

Many people think wedding fairs are sprawling expos filled with many people fighting to see different displays.

But while there are big exhibitions, these shows are often not overcrowded. Here Are the different types of wedding fairs:

1. Big Exhibitions

Wedding magazines mainly do these to showcase expensive brands. But they can also feature small suppliers that are unique and captivating.

There are many stands at these shows, and some may be unrelated to weddings. Don’t be surprised to find teeth whitening services and perfumes.

But they feature lots of wedding-related suppliers. So expect to see cakes, gowns, venues, etc.

2. Independent Fairs

They are designed by people profiting from wedding fairs. They find the best suppliers and put on an awesome show for people to have fun.

Suppliers can range from 20 to 150. Mostly, they showcase new interesting ideas brides may not have seen yet. They are great for discovering unique ideas and getting inspiration for a unique wedding.

3. Local Fairs

These are put by local wedding venues to showcase their preferred vendors.

They are small events, but you can find the people within your venue’s location.

They usually feature florists, photographers, bakers, and other vendors typical weddings need.