Should You Invite Your Siblings-in-Laws to Your Wedding?

Wedding etiquette can be complicated, especially with rules changing every day for brides and grooms.

However, some rules are still the same, particularly those concerning how to make your guests feel good.

But when it comes to inviting people, where do you draw the line?

So, Should You Invite Your Siblings-in-Laws to Your Wedding?

It would be a nice gesture if you invited them to your wedding. Since they are married to your siblings, they are part of your family by extension. And so, if budget is not an issue, there is no point in leaving them out of your guest list.

However, that will also depend on your relationship with them. Remember that a wedding is an intimate affair, and only those you care about and who care about you should be present. If you don’t talk to your siblings-in-law or your relationship is rocky, you shouldn’t feel obligated.

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What About Future Siblings in Laws?

Well, with these, it is up to you. Technically, your partner is supposed to invite them, not you.

When writing the wedding list, the bride and groom divide the total number equally.

So that they have equal guests from each side. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that one person uses their space to invite relatives of the other side.

Even if you are close to them, it is the partner’s responsibility to invite them to your wedding. If they don’t invite them, please find out from them before taking any steps.

Wedding Etiquette with Siblings in Law

Knowing how to handle future in-laws from the word go is crucial.

Hopefully, this will be your other family for the rest of your life. So, you want to ensure that you start your relationship on the right foot.

Here is how to handle different instances of the wedding with your future sibling in laws:

1. Invite Them To Be Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

While your wedding is about you, and you have the right to decide who participates in what, it is nice to have siblings-in-law fill these positions.

They are family, after all. Therefore, even if you don’t get along that well as you do with your friends, they should still feel included in the wedding party.

But since you can’t have all of them in these roles, pick who you are most comfortable with.

2. Invite Their Spouses To The Wedding Party Too

Want to make your siblings-in-law happy? Consider inviting their spouses to your wedding party if they are married. This isn’t a must.

But if you don’t have a large wedding party already, you can consider them for these roles.

3. Ask Your Spouse To Step In, In Case Of Any Issues

Issues may still arise, no matter how much you try to avoid them.

It could be that your sister-in-law is being too pushy with her opinions on the wedding, or your brother-in-law wants to sell his ideas to you.

In these instances, it is best to let your partner handle them.

4. Involve Them In The Wedding Planning If They Want

Accept the offer if your future in-laws express their interest in helping you plan for the wedding.

But, if they seem uninterested, do not insist. Invite them to the wedding and pre-wedding events but don’t ask them to help in the planning unless they want to.

Should You Ask Your Future Sis-in-Law to Be a Bridesmaid?

Several things can help you decide whether to invite your sister-in-law or not.

These include:

1. If She Is Important To You

If you have one space left for a bridesmaid, you may be wondering who to call between your sister-in-law and your friend.

Ask yourself, between the two, who will you regret choosing? And who do you get along with easily?

If you want to bond with your future sister-in-law and have a positive relationship, it may be wise inviting them to be your maid.

Also, call them if you think you will feel guilty or if there will be awkwardness in the future during family events and dinners.

2. If The Ceremony Is Important To Her

Your sister-in-law will be your new family forever. If you think excluding her will hurt her feelings and cause a rift in your relationship, it’s probably best to invite her to be your maid.

Even if you aren’t close yet, she will be important in your life as you start your marriage.

But, if she is fine sitting with other guests during the wedding, you can leave her out of the lineup.

Follow your gut when deciding this, and be careful. You might even want to ask her how she feels.

3. If It Is Important To Your Partner

Talk to your partner about the level of participation you expect from your siblings.

You may be surprised that they expect their siblings to be at the wedding party.

Alternatively, you can have a coed wedding with groomswomen and bridesmen. That way, everyone will include their siblings in the wedding party.

4. If You Can Honor Her Differently

Being a bridesmaid at a wedding is undoubtedly an honor.

But there are other ways you can honor your sister-in-law. You can ask her to be in charge of the proceedings.

She can be the usher, candlighter, or reader with your other siblings during the wedding. She could also give a toast at the reception or do any DIY project she is comfortable with.

Who Should Not Be Invited to Your Wedding?

As you put together your invitation list, please remember that some groups of people should NEVER be invited to any wedding, especially not yours.

These are:

  • People who aren’t 100% behind your wedding. This is crucial for gay couples that are facing prejudice.
  • Ex-lovers, unless one of them is married to your best friends
  • Bitchy co-workers
  • Uncontrollable friends who don’t know how to behave after taking liquor

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to invite siblings-in-law to your wedding.

But doing so is a nice gesture. However, don’t feel pressured to invite them if you are uncomfortable with their presence at your wedding.

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