What’s the Difference Between a Bridesmaid and a Personal Attendant?

These days, there are so many titles like the maid of honor, bridesmaid, matron of honor, flower girl, etc., making it hard to decide who to appoint for each role.

But understanding the differences between these terms can help simplify things.

Let’s look at how a bridesmaid and a personal attendant are different.

So, What’s the Difference Between a Bridesmaid and a Personal Attendant?

A bridesmaid is a girl or a woman who accompanies the bride during her wedding day. Usually, they accompany her as an entourage, but sometimes, she can be one. She supports the maid of honor in planning wedding activities like planning the party, favor making, etc. During the wedding, they act as unofficial hostesses and encourage people to the dance floor.

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A personal attendant is similar to a bridesmaid, only that they don’t stand up beside the bride. They help the bride to get ready, carry her purse/repair kit, deliver messages to the groom, etc. In other words, it is someone that watches out for the bride and her things the entire day. Some people define a PA as a servant because of their responsibilities.

Six Reasons Why You May Need a Personal Attendant

You could benefit from a personal attendant in various ways. The best thing about them is that they make you more prepared and reduce the stress associated with this day.

The name personal may make some people feel that PAs are demanding. But in reality, they keep everything in the wedding running smoothly. Think of them as a helper, friend or right-hand person.

The PA helps keep events at the wedding sane and organized.

Since you can’t take care of everything on your wedding day, it is best to have someone in charge.

Here are reasons you may need a personal attendant.

1. Ensures Things Are on Schedule

A PA does almost everything, so the bride remains as stress-free as possible.

She takes care of last minute errands, figures out where your gift will go, and sorts out transportation, among other things.

The bride just needs to make a checklist with her early on to ensure she doesn’t skip anything.

2. Serves as an Extra Friend or Family Member

Your PA can be your beautician, planner, therapist, etc., in one person.

If you were feeling guilty about not including a friend or family member in your bridal party, you could appoint them for this position.

3. Acts as Your Messenger

You don’t need to remember all the details with a PA on your side.

She will coordinate things with your soon-to-be husband and other guests.

She’ll be your first line of communication whether you want your partner to know something or figure out something about the wedding.

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4. Helps During an Emergency

Planning a wedding is vital to minimizing any surprises.

But emergencies can still occur even after months of planning.

Maybe you forgot to purchase lipstick, bobby pins, hair spray, Advil, etc.

Your bridal attendant will be there with an emergency kit to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Additionally, your bridesmaids can also go to her when they need something.

5. Holds Your Dress When in The Bathroom

Most brides love getting married in a long dress. But while they look beautiful, they can be stressful at times.

For instance, you can’t comfortably go to the bathroom or walk to your limo in a long dress. Even taking pictures in this gown is challenging.

That is where your attendant comes in. She will always ensure you are comfortable by holding the dress as you do other things.

Plus, she will ensure your gown is fully fluffed and lies perfectly.

6. Helps You Plan the Wedding

You don’t need a wedding planner or events coordinator when you have a personal attendant. She’s there to manage every detail of your big day.

While your maid of honor takes charge of the bridesmaids and the best man leads the groomsmen, your PA ensures everyone remains on the same page.

Plus, she will be your contact between you and the onsite staff.

The attendant will ensure the catering is on time, the DJ plays the agreed-upon songs, and everything else is on point.

What Are Your Personal Attendant’s Responsibilities?

Personal attendants aren’t in charge of events happening at the wedding itself.

Therefore, tasks like directing guests, catering, and laying escort cards ARE NOT part of their responsibilities.

These should be left to the event coordinator or a wedding planner.

At the same time, avoid requests that risk their safety or seem inappropriate, even though they will be willing to go above and beyond to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

Who Should Hire a Personal Attendant?

The bride and the groom can hire a PA since they need extra help during their big day.

But in most cases, other people, usually relatives, book the services of a PA for the married couple.

Her services are usually purchased as part of the bridal shower gift or as a groom’s present to his bride on her birthday.

Three Things To Keep in Mind When Working with a Personal Attendant

A PA can be of great help. However, when working with them, keep these things in mind:

1. Let Them Know Your Expectations

It’s crucial you write a detailed list of what you expect with your PA.

Ensure they understand what is required of them and are comfortable with the role.

It’s wise to have a to-do list to avoid confusion or disappointment.

2. Make Them Feel Special During The Wedding

Personal attendants are primarily hired to help the bride on her special day.

You can appreciate them with a small gift and provide something to help them stand out during the wedding, such as a corsage.

3. Don’t Expect Them To Buy An Expensive Dress

Unless you have hired them, PAs usually do their tasks for free.

They do everything to make your day great and ensure that things go as planned.

So, don’t require them to buy an expensive gown for your wedding.

Plus, most times, they won’t be standing with you in the photos.

Final Thoughts

We hope we made the difference between a bridesmaid and a personal attendant.

Now that you know the benefits of having a PA, do you think you need one?